South Africa Fundraising Fund link

Dear Parents,

The finance department at St Stephen’s have managed to establish a link where you can make fundraising payments to for the 2020 South Africa tour – the link is:

South Africa Fundraising 2020

If you would like to make a deposit of any money that your son/daughter has raised then you can do it via the above link. You MUST ensure you state your son/daughter’s name in the box provided as well as a reference:

ie. Josh Brown SAF Fund

If not, the finance department will not know who to allocate funds to as it is a generic link and not specific to individual students.

Alternatively, students can bring in any money raised and hand it to Miss Everett, Mr Batten or myself and we will pass it onto the finance department

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Kind regards,

Adam Merrifield

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