Rehearsals – Week 4

Dear Cast + Crew,

What an amazing week of progress!!

We saw some of the set get painted, most of the props get made and we have finished blocking ALL of the play.

Today we rehearsed the whole play from start to finish with no stopping and starting and without scripts!!!!

AMAZING work, well done!!

There is a rehearsal video for the final ending, please make sure you watch it a couple of times before Sunday so you are very familiar with the final ending.
Final ending video

– keep working on learning your lines
– practice the dances
– practice your lines like you are telling a story, so you don’t become too rhymmy.. (yes that is a word)
– Practice your lines slowly and clearly so we can hear everything you are saying

Don’t forget we have a rehearsal this Sunday from 12pm – 4pm.

See you there, looking pretty for your photo (headshot).

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