Hitting the ground running!

The first day of construction was a blur of power tools, sweat, dirt and dust. We hit the ground running with Pete and his Khmer crew giving us crash courses on angle grinders, drop saws, circular saws, sander, drills along with many other tools. So far we have completed all four stilts, half the walls, all the shades and are working our way through the bathroom and roof. We stopped at noon for lunch made by local Cambodian ladies which consisted of plenty of rice, curry, noodles, fried vegetables and fruit! We enjoyed our food  and also got time to spend playing with all the kids. We met the family that we are building the home for and the gratefulness they had for us was heart-warming. The dad is a fisherman while the mum takes care of their 6 small children at home. A hard day of work but extremely rewarding.

Analiese and Lauren

NB: No-one has lost any fingers yet!


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