Day 3

As the sun rose on Day 3, the rooster crow across the street already has most up at 4. After a delicious breakfast and the familiar, bumpy ride across river and road to get to EPM, the SSS Ninjas were ready to get stuck in. First order of business – the floor was lifted onto the supports. Everyone lent a hand (tallest member to shortest) and the floor was secure in no time. With walls and floors done, groups began work on the daybeds, shades and stairs. With the skeleton on the roof in place, tin sheets began to cover it (a shiny, slippery, sweaty job) and the toliet block was bricked to past the head of “short people” (Abi and Faye). We travelled to Iblock where we had another delicious lunch made by the locals and we all had a lot of fun playing with the kids. We love each other’s company and it’s getting harder and harder to say Li Hi (goodbye) each day! Day 3 was sweaty work but time went fast due to music pumping throughout the site! We were also accompanied by another tour group building House #12, so EPM felt busier than ever.  With our last of four days at site tomorrow, we are all extremely motivated to finish the house.


We also caught a glipse of a slippery friend on our way home!

Abi K & Sophie


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