Terima kasih Pak Koko and Pak Yono

In appreciation of smiley Pak Koko and his Indonesian dad jokes and the speedy Pak Yono who frequently reminded us that he knew all the short cuts. We had a safe and pleasurable trip thanks to them. Terima kasih Pak.

Last Lunch in Bali

It’s 4pm and after a sleep in, late breakfast and leisurely stroll around Discovery Shopping Mall in Kuta, we are having a late lunch before we check in at the airport. See you early tomorrow morning. We have so much to tell you when we get back.

Kuta Legian Street Connect

7pm last night our super six (Caleb, Ryan, Georgia, Naomi, Brooke, Kristin) joined Bali Life Foundation to spend time with families on the street. We met and did our best to converse with 20 or more mums, children and bubs whilst sharing some colouring in and food packs. Rishka lead the walk with help from Indra, Wirra, Steve and four more youth from Bali Life Foundation.


Tegenungan Waterfall

Today we visited Tegenungan waterfall, in Ubud. It was about an hour and a half away from our hotel but it was so worth it. We dined at a restaurant overlooking the entirety of the waterfall, the view was stunning. The food we ate was also incredible. We took heaps of amazing photos and were all stunned as we left from the beauty of the site.

 (Emma and Tara)

Hidden Canyon

Today the Bali gang visited hidden canyons located in Sukawati. We all had a thrilling adventure through the slippery slopes and rocks with guided help from the lovely tour instructors. The view was breathtaking and we were all in awe of the natural beauty of Bali. Some of the members took turns riding a swing, hanging by rope attached to vines located above us. This swing added to the spectacular experience that was today, which was ended by a nice calming walk back through rice fields.  (Rachael, Maya and Aimee)


Single Fin Bay

Yesterday we explored Single Fin Bay which is a common tourist place for surfers with a ‘single-fin’ surfboards. We reached the main beach after many staircases to see the beautiful reefs and picturesque views. We stayed until the beginning of sunset with all of us walking along the beach or going for a relaxing swim.  (Hayley Barram)


Sweet Indonesian pancakes with a sauce made from chocolate, peanuts, condensed milk and sesame seeds. Yum!

Bali Life: Sunday

Last night was a cultural exchange evening with all the youth performing. It was a fantastic night consolidated over a pizza dinner. We were told afterwards that the children eat Pizza maybe twice a year. The performances were funny and sassy, skilful and absolutely amazing!

This morning we are heading back to Bali Life Foundation for Sunday worship and a visit to ‘the five shrines’.

Bali Life: Saturday

This morning we joined the Bali Life Foundation youth at the centre and went as a group to Black Pebble Beach in Nusa Dua. We enjoyed swimming, volleyball and went for a walk to where the waves crash against the rocks. Some of the Bali Life kids went out to the reef for a surf.



The older students supervised the younger students and the little ones played a game of fishing in the water with a net made of people holding hands. It was like a game of chase and you had to not get caught in the net. Tonight we are returning to the orphanage for dancing, stories and dinner together.