Saturday’s Sausage Sizzle

Hi there,

Please make sure that you get any donations for the upcoming sausage sizzles in to us this week. (Sausages, Rolls, Onions, Cans)

Also, for those of us running it this weekend it might be worth bringing a hat and sunscreen as part of the stall gets the sun for a while. Also a bag of ice each would be great.

I will be there at 7:00am to start getting things set up and organised.

Should be a fun day generating lots of money for the cause.

Mr D

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Documents Check

Hi all,

Just a reminder to get copies of your passports in to us ASAP if you haven’t done so already.

Mr D

Wed 13 Feb Meeting – Activity Groups

In a previous meeting you paired up and discussed your initial ideas for activities. On Wednesday, we’d like you to tell us how your preparations are going. It is good to have at least 3 activities per pair planned. Try to come up with something active, something that requires concentration and something creative.

Hayleigh and Tayla: nail painting, colouring in, what else?

Caleb and Ryan: parachute game, card games (UNO), what else?

Aimee and Maya: face painting, what else?

Rachael and Emma: Aboriginal dot painting, what else?

Eliza and Tara: (Eliza was absent for this meeting and Tara hadn’t joined the team at this stage)

Naomi and Georgia: hair braiding & nail painting, colouring in, guitar and singing, what songs?

Brooke and Kristin:  ??? ( I don’t have a record of what you came up with)

Other activity suggestions: picture book storytelling, craft, paper planes, origami, playdoh, sport – soccer, an aerobics class, dancing, lego,  dot-to-dots, mazes, bingo, games like ‘duck duck goose’ or ‘dog and bone’ that are easy to set up and run,

Meeting on Wednesday 13th Feb After School

Good Morning All,

Welcome back to a new year. Just a quick reminder that we will be meeting this coming Wednesday at 3.30 until 4.30pm in the Community Room at Duncraig. Carramar students please meet Mr Drake at the staff room in Chairs House at 3pm. He will drive you to Duncraig and then return you to Carramar in the school bus.

Please be prepared with some of the activities that you are planning to conduct while at the services in Bali, as well as a run down of your fund raising efforts thus far.

We have a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle soon so please refer to previous blog with the list of students attending which date.

Looking forward to seeing you.

The Indonesian Tour Staff


Moving into 2019/Bunnnings Sausage Sizzles

Hello Indo Team,

I trust you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and you have made the most of the wonderful break we have over the summer.

Hopefully you made some gains over the break to add to the fundraising effort. We will be hitting the deck running with your fundraising this term, so I have attached a letter for you to use to approach Coles/ Woolworths, IGA’s etc. for donations towards the sausage sizzles. The more we can get in the way of donations the more profit for our tour total. If we can cover buns/sausages/drinks we will be doing a great job.

I will shortly send through a quiz night donation letter shortly which you can provide when you approach businesses for their assistance. We have set a date for Friday, May 10, so start asking friends, relatives, neighbours to join us for the fun.

We will have lots to discuss when we meet on WEDNESDAY 13thFEBRUARY, 3.30pm Duncraig Campus.

 Other meeting dates are:

Wed Mar 6

Wed Apr 3

Wed May 1

Wed May 15

Wed May 26.     Venues to be advised. Please keep the dates free. Any questions please email me direct, or any of the tour staff. Looking forward to catching up.


Ms Lund


Bunnings Fundraising Supporter Letter-2nos8in

Fundraising Over The Holidays

We have made an amazing start to our fundraising with the Movie Night and Duncraig Sausage Sizzle, clearing the $1000 mark so far!

This Summer Holiday is the perfect time for you as an individual to do some fundraising on your own. (An important part of SSS Global Tours is fundraising for our partners overseas.  In our case, that’s Bali Life Foundation. Although we will do a couple of group fundraisers each term, you are expected to be fundraising as an individual too.)

Here are some suggestions:

  • A sausage sizzle at your church OR after cricket training
  • Sell cakes and slices at your church  OR take orders from family and friends
  • Have a continental breakfast of fresh fruit, pastries and coffee one Saturday morning for your friends
  • Cook a meal for family or friends
  • Wash your relatives’ cars
  • Wash windows, mow lawns, weeding etc
  • Do some babysitting for family and friends
  • Netflix and popcorn movie night (babysitting) for friends with young children
  • Have a music concert or drama performance where you charge admission and serve drinks and snacks
  • Have a High Tea for your mum and all her friends OR for you and all your friends
  • Wash your friends’ or relatives’ dogs
  • Have a games night with snacks and drinks provided

Have a chat with your parents about it. What connections do they have? What clubs or organisations do they belong to? Where might you find some buyers for your fundraising initiatives?

We think a reasonable fundraising target for you as an individual over the summer holidays is $200.

Do your best to raise money for Bali Life over the next 7 weeks and we’ll be checking in with you at our first meeting early next term to see how much you raised.

Cadbury Chocolate Orders

Hello All,

I am still waiting on the Cadbury Chocolate Box Fundraising orders from many of you. I would like to get this arranged before we go on vacation. If you haven’t emailed me your request, please do so as soon as possible.


Ms Lund

$430 from Sausage Sizzle!

Well done Duncraig Team! Thank you Mrs Lund for helping out, especially with the messy clean up at the end. We raised some good  money for Bali Life today. Thank you parents for supplying us with the sausages and buns. They sold well and we had a lot of fun selling them.

Duncraig SSS Sausage Sizzle – Thurs 29 Nov

Duncraig students are off to Rite Journey Camp tomorrow and have their Home Coming Ceremony on Monday.  It’s going to be fun and busy few days!

Looking ahead to next week, Thurs 29 November, we have a Sausage Sizzle booked for lunch time in the Quad. Duncraig Year 9s, you’ll be out of class for Period 4 on that Thursday to cook sausages and then busy during the lunch time selling them for $2.50 each.

Please provide on the Thursday – 1 Large Pack of BBQ Sausages and a similar amount of Hot Dog buns each.  Coles does Thin Beef BBQ Sausages (22 pack) for $9 and Coles bakery has Hot Dog Rolls (12 pack) for $3.50. That would cost about $16 each.  Please bring an apron and some tongs.

I’ll buy Barbecue sauce and Tomato sauce and bring an Esky with ice.

We have 11 students on the tour at Duncraig so if you all buy around 20 sausages and 20 rolls that would give us 220 sausages and buns. There are only Years 7-9 at school next week, so this will be plenty. Hopefully, we’ll make around $500 from this fundraiser.

I’ll send you a reminder and speak to you personally on Tuesday next week after the Rite Journey Extravaganza. We’ll also speak at House Assemblies and promote it from Tuesday next week.

Thanks everyone, Ms Tinney

Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser

Morning All,

Could you please let me know as soon as possible which of the Cadbury Chocolate boxes you want for your fundraising. I would like to order soon and disperse them to you before the holidays.


Ms Lund