Week 3, Term 3

Book Week 


Tuesday 20 August (Book Week)

Children in Pre-Kindy to Yr 2 are invited to join us in the library from 6 pm – 7 pm.

Wear your pajamas and bring a torch to read a book under the fairy lights.


Father’s Day Gifts

If your child would like to pre-order any of the items on the order form below, please email your order form to sssfathersday@gmail.com by close of business Wednesday 14 August 2019 and send an envelope with the correct change with your child on the week of the stall. 

Fathers Day Gift Order Form

Our pre-order includes:

  • An amazing assortment of gifts supplied by Sarah (one of our PP mums) gift shop – Absolute Gifts; and
  • Heatpacks from Paula’s Heatpacks.

Father’s Day Stall

Monday 26 – Thursday 29 August 2019. 8:00 am -8:30 am each morning in the forum



Interhouse Athletics Carnival

The Primary Interhouse Athletics Carnival will be taking place on Friday 6 September.

We will be running our 400m and 800m events in the weeks leading up to the carnival. Students in Years 1 – 6 are invited to participate in these events on the dates below:

Week: Event: Year Group: Date: Time:
5 400m 1 – 3 Wednesday 28 August Recess time
(10.55am – 11.20am)
5 400m 4 – 6 Wednesday 28 August Lunch time
(12.40pm – 1.10pm)
6 800m 3 – 6 Monday 2 September Recess time
(10.55am – 11.20am)

Students who would like to participate in the optional 400m and 800m events must write their name and class on the sign-up sheets located underneath the Physical Education board in the Primary Forum.

Little Athletics is a fantastic way to keep fit and builds the foundation skills of running, jumping and throwing, which are all transferable to other sports. If your child is interested in participating in Little Athletics outside of school, please visit the WA Little Athletics link https://walittleathletics.com.au/ to find your local club. The WA Little Athletics season usually runs from October until March.




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