This year, students have been meeting regularly with key personnel including Principal Mrs Donella Beare to help St Stephen’s better understand their school experience and to assist us in guiding pragmatic and impactful change.

By creating avenues for student voice to be heard, we seek to cultivate an environment in which student perspective not only holds nominal value, but can authentically shape policy, environment and pedagogy.

Validating that voice through action reinforces the learning for these students that their viewpoints matter and encourages them to be a voice for change beyond their years at St Stephen’s School.


There was a flurry of excitement yesterday as Year 8 and 9 Science students proudly displayed research projects they have been working on for much of the year. It was science communication at its best as parents and friends listened intently while the students explained their chosen research subjects and findings, with topics ranging from Plants under Radiation and electro magnetics to wash and wear makeup and looking beyond the brands.


Year 8 Presentation Boards

Each Y8 group chose their own area of science to investigate and presented last night to the St Stephen’s community. They did a fantastic job and Miss Ross was very proud of the work they produced and their ability to communicate their findings!

Miss Nicola Ross

Science Teacher & Assistant Dean of Timae

VET Induction Day

Tuesday morning saw the annual VET Induction morning, this year held at Duncraig campus, for all of the students embarking on External VET studies in 2019.

Students listened to Lewis Schofield (2017 graduate) and Megan Wright (2015 graduate) tell them all about where their qualifications have taken them since they left St Stephen’s.

Lewis is now working FIFO for BHP as an apprentice electrical mechanic and Megan has returned briefly from Scotland where she has been working in a stately home (using her Certificate II in Hospitality). While she is home, she is using her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care as she does relief work in a childcare centre so that she can save some money before returning to the UK.

The value of a qualification earned at school was clear for all to see!


Get to know our staff members as we delve into their roles as teachers and educators! Our first instalment features Duncraig’s Head of The Arts Mrs Pippa Travaglione, who brings a wealth of theatre knowledge to her classes each day.

Year 11 Biology Camp

Mr Biddle, Miss Ross and the ATAR Biology students of Duncraig were down in Bussleton exploring the biodiversity and sampling ecosystems. We explored the underwater jetty, NgIligi cave, two different beaches and bush land. The students had a blast and have come out more aware of how significant WA is in terms of our native culture.

Nicola Ross

Science Teacher & Assistant Dean of Timae

Math Magicians

We have just attended the Australian Mathematics Trust awards where Ethan Abraham (Year 7) received a High Achievers award for being in the top 0.3% in the Australian Maths Competition for his age in WA.

Nick Hodgskin (Year 12) was the WA winner of the inspiring student award for inspiring and supporting his peers in the learning and enjoyment of mathematics.

Congratulations to Nick and Ethan.

Laura Manley

Head of Mathematics

The Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) is a national not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to enrich the teaching and learning of mathematics and algorithmics for students of all standards.