In an evening of jubilation, the Senior Music Concert brought the St Stephen’s School community together to celebrate the career of Mrs Marion Jamison. Marion is retiring after 24 years at St Stephen’s, with Friday’s concert seeing past and current students come together to thank Marion for her lasting impact on their lives.

Thanks for the memories, Mrs J!

Year 10 Biblical Studies

In Year 10 Biblical Studies, students spend 12 weeks completing an overview of the Bible learning how the 66 books of the bible all point to Jesus Christ. A central part of this course has the students creating their own children’s picture book of the Bible. To celebrate the successful completion of their storybooks the Year 10s visited the Year 2s at the Early Learning Centre and read their books aloud to a small group of students. The Year 2s were delighted share their own knowledge about Jesus from the Bible Mr Stephens has been reading to them. It was a wonderful time for all involved.

Mairead Taylor

Head of Learning Area – Humanities & Social Sciences and Biblical Studies


Can you spot any familiar faces at this cheerful reunion? Proving you always remain a part of the St Stephen’s community, past staff recently caught up to reminisce over countless memories gathered throughout the School’s 35 years. If you’re a past staff member and want to connect with any of your fellow colleagues, please get in touch at


On Wednesday evening, a group of St Stephen’s School students and staff recognised the outstanding work of WA Charity Direct at the organisation’s Annual Thank You Event. Our School has formed a valuable relationship with WACD over the past couple of years, partnering with them in their Schools Program initiative to help select a charity or cause to receive a $25,000 donation.

School of Thought

A group of students and staff from Carramar and Duncraig recently made their on-air radio debuts on 89.7FM! They were absolute naturals as they took to the airwaves, chatting about their roles as leaders, different programs offered at School and important subjects they’ve learnt about in class.


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Pathway to Success


Tegan Forrest – Karate

National Karate Championships 2019

3rd in female Juniors +59kg in the Australian Open championships

1st in female Juniors +59kg in the Australasian Schools championships


Crystal Edwards – Swimming

Hancock Prospecting National Age Swimming championships Adelaide 2019

Silver 50m freestyle (26.06s) & 100m freestyle (56.15s)

Bronze in the 200m Individual medley (2:20:91) & 100m breaststroke (1:12:31)

Gold medal in Mixed Medley relay team.


Tom Anderson -Swimming

Hancock Prospecting National Age Swimming championships -Adelaide 2019

Finalist in both 100m and 200m breaststroke.


Aidan Naughtin – Swimming

Hancock Prospecting National Age Swimming championships -Adelaide 2019

Four personal best times:

200m Backstroke with a 0.85 second PB

400m Freestyle with a  0.95 second PB

800m Freestyle with a 7.16  second PB

50m Backstroke with 0.5 second PB


Eloise Parsons -Athletics

National Athletics championships -Sydney 2019

Bronze Medal – U16 Pole Vault


Glenda Morgan -Water Polo



U18 Club National Championships – Brisbane (January)

Australian Women’s Water Polo League – Sydney (February)

Match v Adelaide Women’s team Adelaide (February).

U21 Australian Women’s Camp -AIS Canberra (May)

Upcoming Events:

In July, there will be an interstate competition between the WA, NSW and QLD institutes (WAIS, NSWIS and QIS). Also in July, Glenda will attend another U21 Australian Women’s Camp. The U21 Junior World Championships begin in late August and end in mid-September. This will be held in the Portuguese island of Madeira, however, probably won’t attend (due to the competition being so close to Mock exams).

There will be another U21 Australian Women’s camp in December, however the dates and location are yet to be confirmed.

Matt Richmond

Head of Learning Area Health & Physical Education

Parking Safe

Over recent years, we have carefully developed the parking and drive-through arrangements for parents who transport their students to school by car, so that all students, parents and staff are safe at all times.

We would like to remind parents of the need to consider others and the safety of the children when driving and parking around the school.

Parents are reminded that:
The Staff/Visitor Car park is not to be used for student drop off/pick up. Please use the Kiss and Drive facility for this purpose.
The school bus bay must be kept free for bus access.

The Kiss and Drive facility is supervised and offers a very smooth pick-up option after school. Parents are asked to consider using this facility rather than parking.

Our objective is to make every morning drop off and afternoon collection safe and stress-free for everyone.