Collaborating with artist Natalie Zuchetti, Year 9 Visual Art students have created an eco-friendly Sea Dragon artwork out of recycled materials. The Sea Dragon will remain on display in the Primary Village for the Synthesis exhibition before heading to AQWA for an external exhibition later this year.

Oil Painting Workshop

The Year 10 visual art students had an SSS alumni, Sarah Pearn, deliver an oil painting workshop on Monday. It was Sarah  who  painted the portrait of Glenda Parkin that is on the wall in the Glenda Parkin Learning Centre. Sarah studied Realist Fine Art at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, after graduating from St Stephen’s School in 2006.  Having moved back to Australia, she now focuses on producing highly traditional, classical portraiture. Her passionate knowledge for oil painting rubbed off on our Year 10 Visual Art students who learnt the skills needed to mix skin tones and blending techniques to create a realistic portrait painting.Students painted portraits and practices mixing skin tones.

Verity Palmer

Teacher – Visual Arts/Assistant Dean Carana


Cert III Design students were the first school group to engage in one of Guerrilla Establishment’s – a group of creative changemakers’ – industry insight panels recently. The students spent the day exploring portfolios, style guides and layouts with some of Perth’s leading creatives before taking part in a panel Q&A. What a great way to bring design to life!


Work by Portia Smulders, Year 12, has been selected to be featured in the META 2019 Art and Design Exhibition! Featuring work from Year 11 and 12 students throughout WA, the Exhibition kicks off at North Metropolitan TAFE today and runs until August 24. Be sure to check it out!


After six of our senior students were featured in the 2019 St George’s Art Exhibition, we now have an award winner in our midst!

Will Boutle (Year 11) was highly commended for his piece ‘Man and Machine’ at the Exhibition’s Awards Night on Thursday.

Well done, Will!

Photo: David Broadway


Three of our senior students have been selected to feature their artwork in the prestigious 2019 St George’s Art Exhibition. Be sure to visit St George’s Cathedral to see their stunning work on display before the exhibition closes on Sunday!

Congratulations to:
Will Boutle Year 11
Tascha Cox Year 11
Olivia Roberts Year 12

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Year 11 and 12 Students explored the best art produced by graduating secondary and tertiary students today by visiting the Hatched National Graduate show at PICA and Year 12 Pulse Perspectives at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

An annual barometer of what our youth are thinking and feeling, it is also a rich celebration of the role the arts play in the development of individual identities, it’s an intriguing snapshot of Australia’s next generation of contemporary artists.



Year 11s recently joined Artist in Residence Rohin Kickett, a Noongar artist from the Ballardong region, for a two-hour workshop at Midland Junction Arts Centre. Students were asked to consider their own identity and connection to place, producing abstract representational paintings inspired by the Rohin’s techniques.


Year 11 students joined Artist in Residence Rohin Kickett, a Noongar artist from the Ballardong region for a 2 hour workshop at Midland Junction Arts Centre on Wednesday 20th March 2019. Rohin’s artworks are inspired by his family stories of strength and survival, along with his own personal experiences growing up in Perth. Born within 50km of where his family first made contact with settlers, his connection to the Ballardong region runs deep within his family.

Students were asked to considered their own identity and connection to place, they produced abstract representational paintings inspired by the Rohin’s working techniques and processes seen in his studio.

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