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Year 12 Biology ATAR

June 9, 2020

Here are some Y12 Biology ATAR students creating DNA profiles via gel electrophoresis.

Gel electrophoresis is a technique commonly used in laboratories to separate charged molecules like DNA according to their size.

They were investigating how this could be applied within forensics and biological conservation.

Nicola Ross

Science Teacher/Assistant Dean Timae

Year 11 Biology

June 9, 2020

Y11 Biology ATAR students at revising their systems via rat dissection.

A rat dissection is conducted to explore the internal structure and function of basic mammalian anatomy.

Nicola Ross

Science Teacher/ Assistant Dean Timae



November 28, 2019

Y11 Biology students investigated the range of ecosystems down Busselton. They explored the underwater observatory and was amazed by the marine life, the beaches and their unique vegetation to sustain life in harsh environments, nocturnal organisms by spotlight and the awesome Ngilgi cave.

What an amazing world we live in!

Nicola Ross

Teacher Science


June 25, 2019

Teaming up across our campuses, Year 12 ATAR Biology students from Carramar and Duncraig recently worked to make transgenic organisms. Taking the GFP gene from jellyfish and inserting it into bacterium, results show that when the gene is expressed it glows! Students then participated in a debate discussing the ethics behind genetically modified organisms and the future impact the science will have on society.

Year 11 Biology Camp

November 22, 2018

Mr Biddle, Miss Ross and the ATAR Biology students of Duncraig were down in Bussleton exploring the biodiversity and sampling ecosystems. We explored the underwater jetty, NgIligi cave, two different beaches and bush land. The students had a blast and have come out more aware of how significant WA is in terms of our native culture.

Nicola Ross

Science Teacher & Assistant Dean of Timae

Two Day Immersion in the University Experience

September 14, 2018

The Y12 ATAR Biology  students were fully immerged in university life during an action packed 2 day experience. Day 1 we visited the Harry Perkins medical research institute where they learned about stem cells and their application to future scientific development. Day 2 they explored nanotechnology and how it will revolutionise the future world developing materials and treatments that seem impossible. They also explored the genetic application in forensics and anthropology so that it can be used to obtain justice and make discoveries.

Miss Nicola Ross

Science Teacher & Assistant Dean of Timae


Rats Ahoy!

March 23, 2018

This afternoon the Y11 ATAR Biology class investigated all the systems by rat dissection! Students could fully investigate all systems by identifying all the parts and discussing their functions. They even made a time lapse to show the full procedure! Pretty cool!

Nicola Ross

Science Teacher

“I profess to learn and to teach not from books but from dissections.” – William Harvey