Plastic FREE July

Plastic Free July kicks off for its tenth year in just under two weeks, and we’re popping into your inbox today to help you prepare. Now we know that for many, this Plastic Free July is going to be a little (or a lot!) more challenging than it has been in previous years, due to the various Covid-19 restrictions in place. This is your reminder that no-one (least of all us!) is expecting you to be perfect.

All we ever ask of you is that you do what you can.

And remember, it wouldn’t be called the Plastic Free July challenge if it was easy!

So yes, it’s going to be a challenge, and we’re going to help you as much as we can. 


  • Start looking in your fridge, pantry and bathroom, and in your general waste and recycling bins, and see what plastic you notice. Choose one, two or three things that you want to try to swap out, and start looking for alternatives NOW (it will be easier than waiting until July!)
  • Don’t forget to complete our ‘Pesky Plastic’ quiz! We created it to get you thinking about where all the plastic is in your life.
  • Get together a ‘plastic-free kit’ for your handbag, bike or car. You could include a water bottle, some napkins, reusable cutlery, reusable shopping bags – whatever it is you think you’ll need!
  • Start the conversation with friends, family, colleagues (the person at the coffee shop, the person at the supermarket checkout…). If you’re shy, you can use our Plastic Free July 2020 image (pictured here) as a Facebook profile picture or Instagram tile to share on social media, and we’ve created a Plastic Free July email signature if you’d like to quietly slide into people’s inboxes 😉


Brand new for 2020… we have started a blog! We’ll be updating it throughout June and July (and beyond!).

Our latest posts:

– Don’t believe the headlines: we can still choose to refuse single-use plastic. Yes, health and safety concerns are a top priority right now. We looked to infectious diseases experts to understand exactly what the risks are, and what we can do to refuse plastic and stay safe.

– It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee (without the plastic lid) Ideas for putting sustainability firmly back on the agenda for 2020. 


Buy our limited edition Plastic Free July reusable produce bags, made by Onya Life out of recycled plastic.These bags are long-lasting and hard wearing, and feature our official Plastic Free July logo. By buying these bags through our exclusive link we receive a small commission that goes towards our grassroots campaign, at no extra cost to you.

Download our free Plastic Free July challenge planner  from our website to start choosing what plastic you’ll refuse this July. Print it out and pin it on the fridge so you don’t forget!

Don’t forget that the ‘Get involved’ section of our website has heaps of tips to help you refuse single-use plastic. Have a browse (here’s the link) and see what ideas you haven’t thought of yet!

If you need more inspiration, have a look at our Stories page to see what others are doing.


In 2020, we’re creating much more video content to help you choose to refuse single-use plastic. We’re also trying a few different formats – from YouTube videos to Facebook Lives to Zoom webinars – so be sure to give us your feedback!

Our first video, ‘Reducing Plastic in the Kitchen’ with Lindsay Miles (from Treading My Own Path) is available on our official Plastic Free July YouTube channel now.


With the Theatre out of action amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our Performing Arts teams are excited to announce a new production like no other. The Show Must Go Online is a virtual production filmed by and starring our students from Carramar and Duncraig, and will be available to broadcast straight to your living room! Stay tuned for sneak peeks and insights from the cast before the show premieres on Thursday 6 August, 2020. Read more about the production on PerthNow:
Register for viewing:


School Traffic

Good afternoon,

With the wet weather setting in, we have noticed more parents driving their children to and from school. The increased number of people on the roads can result in some traffic standstills in the turning circle and we just wanted to remind parents to be mindful of the staggered School finishing times for Primary and Secondary, who both use the turning circle, and how to aid the flow of traffic on and outside our campus.

  • Please note, Primary students finish at 3.10pm, pick up their bags and there usually isn’t too much of a delay from the end of class to them waiting for their parents at pick-up. We ask that Primary parents try not to drive into the campus before 3.05pm to ensure the traffic doesn’t get backed up for too long.
  • Secondary students finish their last class at 3.20pm. They then need to return to their locker before coming out to the car so there is usually around a five-minute lag before they get to the turning circle. Therefore, we ask that parents of Secondary students please do not drive into the campus until 3.20pm for pick-up.
  • We have noticed many parents arriving too early and parking in the turning circle to wait, which blocks Primary parents from getting through and also visitors from backing out of the visitors parking bays. Please refrain from coming onto campus too early and parking in the flow area.

We thank you for your understanding and know that we ask this to minimise the time you spend in the traffic, to ensure the safety of students and also to prevent any parking fines for those stuck in traffic on the surrounding streets.

Thank you for your support.

Donella Beare and Darnelle Pretorius

Provident Lending and Business Solutions

Trent Carter from Provident Lending and Business Solutions is reaching out to business owners in the St Stephen’s School community who may require financial advice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specialising in cash flow advisory and funding options, Provident Solutions can discuss with business owners about what they are entitled to, how to scale a business back to survive and how business owners can pivot their business offering to look for different sources of income.

Provident Solutions are offering two specific services, and as a St Stephen’s parent, Alumni and member of the Business Directory, Trent is happy for the school community to access these services at a low price. Both sessions are offered remotely.

1. Stress test your cash flow – a 45-minute session where Provident Solutions use simple financial data to demonstrate the impact of decisions before they are made on profit and cash flow. This can be a very powerful tool to set priorities on what and when to cut expenses, especially when looking at staff. Usually $100 + GST, Provident are offering this service for $70 + GST for St Stephen’s School community members.

2. Survival sessions – a three-session advisory where Provident Solutions will:

a. Review the business up to the impact of COVID-19 to set base lines and trends. This includes the Stress Test.

b. Strategic planning – setting goals, plans and actions for the next 90 days to set up for survival and to potentially thrive in a new operating environment.

c. Cash flow budget and funding – ensuring business owners have an eye on the numbers moving forward and understand how to fund the plan.

Survival sessions are $250 each and can be run one-on-one or in groups of up to four people.

Contact Trent Carter from Provident Lending and Business Solutions on 6201 0143 or at for more information.


Wishing all of our families the best for the last few weeks of Term 1 as we face the new frontier of online learning. We like to think of challenges like these as discovering new ways of doing things, who knows what we will uncover during this time! For those at home, and those on campus, please know we are all in this together and our doors (virtual and real) are always open. Take care and all the best.