Year 12 End of Year Information

We recently emailed information about celebrating Grad’s Day on Thursday 20 September to our Year 12 cohort. Our Year 12’s are approaching an exciting time and we would like to help them celebrate their departure from the school in a positive, memorable way. We have a wonderful community and exciting plans are underway by the school leaders who are planning our Grads Day Assembly and the Deans are preparing House assemblies. Students have been invited to speak with Mr Andrews with any questions or ideas that might build on the strong positive Grads tradition.


Our formal evening event on 20 September is the Year 12 family Graduation Dinner. The Graduation Dinner recognises and congratulates all Year 12 students on graduating as alumni of St Stephen’s School, separate to the graduation requirements of the WA Certificate of Education.


Year 12 Revision Seminars are being held over the next few weeks, and students are being provided with support and additional revision time as we progress to the end of term. We wish our Year 12 cohort the very best for their written Mock WACE Examinations, which commence in the term break on Tuesday 2 October. The program for the return of Mock Examination results to students will occur in Week 2 of Term 4, from 15-19 October. Students doing General courses or Certificates are expected to have their work submitted by the end of this term.


WACE examinations commence on Thursday 1 November, and Year 12 students can obtain their personalised timetable through their SCSA login. Students were reminded by Dr Criddle, in Education Plus, about the required procedure if something should happen on the day of a WACE exam. The Sickness/Misadventure Application Form is available on the SCSA website at: Attendance at WACE examinations is a requirement for WACE graduation.


Our best wishes to all our students for a rewarding final few weeks of term.



Dr Liz Criddle                                      Mr Bennet Andrews

Deputy Head of Secondary         Deputy Head of Secondary