Potato Olympics 2019

Have you ever wondered: Can smaller potatoes be flung further? Are rounder potatoes better at rolling? Do lighter potatoes create less splash?

These questions and more were investigated on Tuesday afternoon, which saw the Year 7 students participate in the Potato Olympics. The triumphant return of the Potato Olympics to the Duncraig campus saw potatoes being flung, rolled, bowled and dropped – all in the name of maths! Pure spud power was used to collect authentic data and determine which potato athlete and country would fry the competition.

Jennifer Prosser

Teacher – Maths


St Stephen’s students have dominated on the national mathematics stage recently! Thomas McIntyre, Benjamin Lyon and Ethan Abraham achieved in the top 10% in Australia while Kari Whitelock, Brianna Aldersea and Remy Rowse achieved in the top 20% in Australia in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads. Well done!


Math Magicians

We have just attended the Australian Mathematics Trust awards where Ethan Abraham (Year 7) received a High Achievers award for being in the top 0.3% in the Australian Maths Competition for his age in WA.

Nick Hodgskin (Year 12) was the WA winner of the inspiring student award for inspiring and supporting his peers in the learning and enjoyment of mathematics.

Congratulations to Nick and Ethan.

Laura Manley

Head of Mathematics

The Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) is a national not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to enrich the teaching and learning of mathematics and algorithmics for students of all standards.

Australian Mathematics Competition

The following students were recently awarded Distinction Certificates for their results in the Australian Mathematics Competition. This places them in the top 20% (25% for Seniors) within their year level in Western Australia. It is an awesome achievement.

Mrs Laura Manley

Head of Mathematics

Back Row: Amelia Harvey, Ruby Peterson, Tom Anderson, Tom Chamoun, Kai Rhebok, Connor Mann, Ben Kerspien, Tim Galatis

Front Row: Callum Stephens, Amy Stephens, Chelsie Ryan, Brianna Aldersea, Ryan Langford, Benjamin Lyon, Mitchell Jones

Absent: Alice Ward, Nicholas Holmes, Annelise Oxenburgh, Caitlin Bailey, Lachlan Meagher, Jake Bright, Daniel Whitehead, Nick Hodgskin, Declan Duffy