Are you a member of our Parent Business Directory? You don’t need to have a business to be a part of the online community. We have almost 200 members currently in the network, searching for and engaging the skills of other parents when they might need a plumber, dog washer, settlement agency and more. We even have a specialist reptile relocator on the list!

We have just upgraded our website to look and function better so register now and have a look around at

Parent Portal – Info Sheet

Parent Portal – Parent Info Sheet

The School has put together a simple platform for parents to access everything in the one place. The main changes for parents are outlined below.

If you have any queries or feedback about the new Portal, contact the ICT Support Parent helpline on 9243 2160.

To access the portal:

  • Navigate to
  • Add to the end of your username. E.g. Parent John Smith with user ID of 9834 will now login with (see graphic). If you don’t have this user ID number you will need to contact us.

  • Your St Stephen’s password has not changed. Please enter this when prompted.
  • To help reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in, please select Yes to the option ‘Stay signed in’. (see graphic)

To save the Portal on your smart device:

These instructions can also be accessed via the Support & Contacts tab in the Portal.