Year 12, 2017 – External WACE Examinations

Please remember if you are unwell and unable to attend your WACE exam, you must see a relevant medical specialist on the day of the exam and obtain a detailed medical certificate. This applies to each separate exam. You are responsible for sending your whole application to SCSA. A request for Sickness/ Misadventure is made by you to SCSA, and not through the school. You obtain the form from: It is always strongly recommended and preferable that you attend all exams, even if you are slightly unwell.


If you do not sit the examination for an ATAR course, then that course will be deemed by SCSA to be incomplete and will not be counted for ANY element of the WACE, nor will the pair of units for the Year 12 course appear on your WASSA (Statement of Attainment). This is also the case related to attendance and participation in courses with practical examinations (you need to sit both components). This has been previously explained to you in Education Plus. If you are unwell on the day of an exam, it is best to sit the exam and do your best, plus go to the doctor for a medical certificate and apply for Sickness and Misadventure.


Best wishes for your exams! Study Seminars are being held during the first week of this term so that your Mock Examinations can be returned to you and you can overview your course. Please email your class teacher or HOLA if you need to catch up during the study break to organise a meeting time.


Dr Liz Criddle.