The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) occurs on the third Friday in March each year. The NDA is an opportunity for students, teachers, parents and the whole community to take a stand together against bullying and violence. This annual day provides a focus for schools who want to say, ‘Bullying. No Way!’ and to strengthen their everyday messages that bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time.

St Stephen’s School Duncraig is a registered NDA school.

On Friday, our School and House Captains will wear ribbons to recognising our commitment to assisting students in recognising and responding to bullying.

#BullyingNoWay #TakeaStandTogether #NDA2019


Bennet Andrews

Deputy Head of Sec (Care), Secondary Leadership

SEQTA – what to expect and some guidelines

SEQTA is an amazing tool for schools and we would encourage both students and parents to check it regularly.

Please note that SEQTA is a resource to supplement teaching NOT an online substitute for the relationship between a teacher and student. Your child spends 320 minutes a day in personal contact with their teachers – and your child has every opportunity to receive help, ask questions and take ownership of their work. I would encourage parents to  grow the independence of their children rather than to expect SEQTA to be the prime source of information. SEQTA is a great insight for parents – but again, the conversations that are then initiated between parents, teacher and student are of the most value.

We would encourage parents and students and ensure that the are aware of the documents attached to each course: course outlines, assessment schedules and other resources are available in SEQTA for reference, saving or printing at any time. Teachers will on occasion deviate from their teaching plan because students may require extra time for understanding and consolidation. That is part of good teaching and might disrupt a plan previously put in place.  We all know that parents and teachers constantly adapt as the needs of children evolve. Individual teachers will decide the format or formats  for the submission of work – sometime these may be in hard copy, sometimes they might be uploaded SEQTA, emailed or handed in on USB. This will depend on the nature of the task and the format the teacher feels is best. Teachers are striving to meet the expectations below. The expectations below are our target and while many staff will go beyond these, staff are not expected to.

Cover Page

The purpose of the cover page is to contain an overview of the course. It should be an easy reference for information about the entire year of work.

It contains a copy (or a link) to the assessment schedule, program and syllabus. 


  • The assessment schedule should be developed at the start of the year. Lower school students are to have the entire semester of assessments visible to parents and students. Year 11 and 12 are to have the entire year’s assessments visible
  • Assessment titles should include the weighting and clear labels that are succinct.
  • Task sheet/assessment description and marking guide/rubric are to be added at an appropriate time.
  • Marks for summative assessments should be made visible, within three teaching weeks of the assessment being finalised.
  • If there is more than one class, all marks are to be made visible at the same time.
  • Exam marks are to be released at the end of the exam period.
  • Formative assessments can be visible with a weighting of zero.
  • Assessment feedback will be placed in the Marks Book on a regular basis.

(Lesson) Planning

Students, parents/carers and other staff should be able to see what has been planned on a week-by-week basis (as a minimum). Clarity in lesson naming is essential.

Lesson Resources

It should be clear where students can access resources and links. Students may be required to enter homework themselves on occasion.

Documents Section

This is used to store documents that parents/carers might need to access at any point of the year.

Documents include anything from a Parent Information Night slide show, Curriculum Handbooks, and the Assessment Policy.

Bennet Andrews

Deputy Head of Secondary (Care)

Year 8 & 9 CAS Cricket

Below are photos taken at the first home game for this season against Irene McCormack CC. Yesterday’s win by ‘The Saints’ takes us to 2 wins for the season, with our only loss in game one against a strong outfit from Prendiville CC.

The boys have been training at lunchtimes under the watchful eyes of year 12 coaches Paul Forgan (TIM) and Matthew Chadwick, (CAR). Their mentorship and organisation has been outstanding. Our umpires have been amazing as well, with Ben Ryan (year 10 ALE), Thomas Chamoun, (Year 10 CAR), and Oliver Dijkstra, (Year 10 TIM), all officiating with professionalism and care.

In Wednesday’s game, St Stephen’s finished on 3/102, with Mason Neale, (C), Harvey Kemp, (year 9 TIM) , (year 9 TIM), carrying their bats after retiring on over 30 runs. IMCC finished the day on 5/95.

There is a great spirit amongst the team in which our focus has been fairness, participation and respect for the opposition.

Bennet Andrews

Deputy Head of Care

“Teamwork makes the dream work!” – Unknown

Bike Safety


As we edge towards finer weather, we are sure to come across more bicycles on the roads around St Stephen’s. Please remind your children of the importance of obeying road rules, particularly around local, busy intersections. Students riding to and from school should be encouraged, but also reminded that standard road rules applying to motorists also apply to cyclists using or crossing a road.


Mr. Andrews

“God is our refuge and strength,an ever-present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1

Relocation of Student Bike Racks

The student bike racks will be relocated in the next holiday break to two areas on the campus. One set will be placed next to the secondary basketball courts near Timae House, the others adjacent to the Alethea House. The new locations can be viewed on the attached map.  Duncraig Bike Racks 2017

Students can access the bike racks via Doveridge Drive, Hepburn Road or the cycle path on the eastern side of the campus. When on school grounds it is an expectation that students dismount, and walk their bikes to the racks. Please remind your sons and daughters that it is expected that all student bikes are secured using a lock when on campus.

Bennet Andrews

Deputy Head of Secondary (Care)