Wow… check out what our Space Camp USA students have been up to over the last few weeks! Year 9s Aaron Popich (Carramar), Natasha Anderson and Ben Flanagan (Duncraig) travelled with Mr Charles Biddle visiting Northrop Grummin, the California Science Centre, Disneyland and more to learn all about space exploration and mission control. They were also the first school group to ever visit Richard Branson’s spaceflight company, Virgin Galactic.

Year 11 Biology Camp

Mr Biddle, Miss Ross and the ATAR Biology students of Duncraig were down in Bussleton exploring the biodiversity and sampling ecosystems. We explored the underwater jetty, NgIligi cave, two different beaches and bush land. The students had a blast and have come out more aware of how significant WA is in terms of our native culture.

Nicola Ross

Science Teacher & Assistant Dean of Timae

WANTED Plant Pots

An excellent group of our Yr 11 student are fundraising for their service learning trip to Cambodia next year. As part of this we are looking for empty plant pots that you may have filling up your back shed. If you want to get rid of them they would be greatly appreciated and accepted by the group. The pots can be left either up at the Science building or Student services.

Thank you in anticipation.

Charles Biddle

Head of Science

Biodiversity and Conservation Camp in Busselton

Mr Charles Biddle and Nicola Ross led the Year 11 students to Busselton where they performed transects and investigate the effects of monoculture, invasive species, human interference, and conservation strategies. They also visited Ngilgi Cave.

What an amazing experience for them.