A group of Year 11 girls from Carramar and Duncraig spent their school holidays making a difference at Bethany Home in Malaysia. Students helped the children with their aerobics, motor skills, physical education and arts and crafts, while also taking the time to create a beautiful Peter Pan mural. The Tour no doubt forged close friendships and created memories the girls will never forget.

Bethany Tour

Each year, St Stephen’s sends students to visit Bethany Home, which is a school for people with disabilities in Malaysia. This year we managed to send two tours, one in July and one in October.


Only a small group of 10 SSS students get selected to go on each tour and while visiting Bethany, they help support the students and staff in any way they can. The Bethany Home tour has been a highlight of so many students’ time at St Stephen’s and the recent October tour was no exception.


It’s difficult to summarise what it feels like to visit such a beautiful place like Bethany Home. I know the lives of the students who visited will be touched forevermore from this experience.