Notice for Parents Year 7 & 8

Dear Yr 7 and 8 Parents

Earlier in the year your child may have opened a Pinterest account using their school email address. Pinterest is an excellent visual learning tool for students to document their research. Some of your children may have received some diet and body image advertising emails through their school email. You may wish to check with your child to see if they received any of these emails and talk to them about the content.

We have given time and instruction to the students in the classes affected to delete these accounts. Therefore no further emails should be coming through the school email system. Protocols for using such online learning tools are now in place. Here is a link where you can find further information about the protocols and how you can make using this learning tool as private and secure as possible.

More information on Pinterest

If you have any further queries please contact Mrs Penny Herd, Head of Learning Area, Technologies.



Year 7 Indonesian students recently travelled to Elizabeth Quay to attend the Festival Indonesia accompanied by none other than Mrs Donella Beare and Mrs Darnelle Pretorius! The group relished the opportunity to take part in creative workshops including batik painting, storytelling, singing and dancing. What a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Indonesian culture!


With two hard-fought CAS Grand Finals taking place at our campus yesterday afternoon, both our teams were able to take out the top spot! Congratulations to the Year 8 Girls Netball team and the Year 7 Boys Basketball team who were undefeated all season. Well done to all our students, coaches and umpires on a fantastic CAS season.

Year 7, 8 and 9 Interviews

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews for Year 7-9 students will be held on Monday 29 July. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers. Semester One reports will be published during the term break, and additional information and comments about specific assessment results are available throughout the year via your SEQTA Engage login.

We encourage students to be present to participate in the interview. There will be two sessions:

7:30am – 11:30am and 2:00 – 7:00pm.

Within these time frames, you will be able to book 10 minute interviews with each class teacher. The interviews will be held in the Glenda Parkin Learning Centre (Year 7 Building). Please note if for some reason a teacher is not available on the day their name will not be listed on the Bookings information, and you will receive an email from the teacher to organise an alternative time.

To book your interview time please go to:


  • Login to the Parent Portal
  • Plan the Term Select Interview Booking
  • Login to EdInfo (Simply select login)
  • Synergetic Management System Select Interview
  • Select Interview timetable
  • Print Timetable

The booking system will close on Wednesday 24 July. If you have difficulty accessing the bookings, please contact the Helpdesk on 9243 2160. When bookings interviews, you are welcome to book with as few or as many teachers as you wish. A few teachers have so many classes they might be booked out.  If this is the case and you wish to make an interview time, please email the teacher and let them know your available times for an in-person or telephone interview.

My best wishes for a relaxing and refreshing term break.

Warm regards


Liz Criddle

Deputy Head of School – Teaching and Learning



Moving up to Secondary can be a bit daunting for some but the Year 7-10 Mentoring Program helps to welcome the newest recruits into the fold. Year 10 students recently spent time playing games with some of the Year 7s, helping to bridge the gap from Primary to Secondary, with Celebrity Heads, UNO and Two Truths and Lie offering lots of laughs. The groups meet twice a term to provide the younger students with a familiar and friendly face before they transition into their Houses in Year 8.


We have two teams representing St Stephen’s School Duncraig in CAS Sport Grand Finals this week, and we’d love to see the community supporting our young stars on the sidelines!
This Wednesday from 4 – 5pm:
Year 7/8 Boys Cricket at Hamer Oval, St Stephen’s Duncraig
Year 9 Girls Basketball at Prendiville College

We hope to see you there!