Jordan Belcastro  Year 9 and his Western Australian Under 14 softball team have achieved success in the 2020 National Softball Championship these holidays. Held in Sydney, the team won the Competition’s inaugural ‘Fully Loaded’ competition and finished third in the traditional ‘Fast Pitch’ competition.


Three students will blast off to the USA this October after being accepted into the exclusive Space Camp experience. Head of Science Mr Charles Biddle will accompany Carramar student Year 9 Aaron Popich and Duncraig Year 9s Natasha Anderson and Ben Flanagan on what is sure to be an exciting opportunity!

Year 7, 8 and 9 Interviews

Dear Parents & Guardians,

The Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews for Year 7-9 students will be held on Monday 29 July. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers. Semester One reports will be published during the term break, and additional information and comments about specific assessment results are available throughout the year via your SEQTA Engage login.

We encourage students to be present to participate in the interview. There will be two sessions:

7:30am – 11:30am and 2:00 – 7:00pm.

Within these time frames, you will be able to book 10 minute interviews with each class teacher. The interviews will be held in the Glenda Parkin Learning Centre (Year 7 Building). Please note if for some reason a teacher is not available on the day their name will not be listed on the Bookings information, and you will receive an email from the teacher to organise an alternative time.

To book your interview time please go to:


  • Login to the Parent Portal
  • Plan the Term Select Interview Booking
  • Login to EdInfo (Simply select login)
  • Synergetic Management System Select Interview
  • Select Interview timetable
  • Print Timetable

The booking system will close on Wednesday 24 July. If you have difficulty accessing the bookings, please contact the Helpdesk on 9243 2160. When bookings interviews, you are welcome to book with as few or as many teachers as you wish. A few teachers have so many classes they might be booked out.  If this is the case and you wish to make an interview time, please email the teacher and let them know your available times for an in-person or telephone interview.

My best wishes for a relaxing and refreshing term break.

Warm regards


Liz Criddle

Deputy Head of School – Teaching and Learning


Year 9 & 10 (2020) Subject Information Evening

Date:                     Monday 17 June

Time:                     6:30pm

Where:                 Theatre

This evening will provide an overview of requirements for WACE Graduation, presentations about elective subjects, and the opportunity to ask questions of Heads of Learning Area. Parents and students are invited to attend.

The 2020 Duncraig Curriculum Handbook is available online, and can be found either in the Parent Portal, or in School Documents – Parent Information on SEQTA. The Handbook will assist when choosing electives for 2020. The slide presentation from the evening will be uploaded to SEQTA Documents.