iPad Cases that Offer a High Level of Protection

Many iPad cases on the market now provide a reasonable level of protection while maintaining the  benefits and functionality of the slim design and light weight benefits of a tablet device.

There are also numerous cases that provide little or no protection but look great and only last a month or two.

Within a school environment most student owned iPads will take a battering and occasionally get dropped or have excess pressure applied.

I just wanted to share three reasonably priced brands of iPad cases that perform well within a school environment for children who are likely to experience rough use of their device.

Gumdrop cases, Griffin cases  and  Hardcandy cases.



4 thoughts on “iPad Cases that Offer a High Level of Protection

  1. What specific features do Gumdrop, Griffin, and Hardcandy cases have that make them perform well in a school environment compared to other brands?
    Tel U

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