Bicycle thefts

Over the last month we have had three bicycles stolen from the bike racks. On both occasions thieves have used bolt cutters – on the first occasion to cut through our fence (as the gate there is locked)  and on the last occasion this week, to cut the cable securing a student’s bicycle. Last term we had 2 bicycles that had been left at school over a weekend stolen.

We know from experience that cameras in this situation are not a deterrent and simply change the plans of thieves. Our grounds staff have been patrolling the area regularly each day, and thefts have occurred when they are out of sight. On occasion cameras help police identify culprits after a theft. The proximity of the cycle racks to the public foot path which leads to the pedestrian bridge and to the station has sadly become a factor.

During the September / October break we will be moving the bike racks to areas further from the perimeter fence and to areas where is more regular “school traffic” to act as a deterrent to thieves. We have identified areas and once the racks are relocated we will inform students as well as establish expectations regarding where students should dismount and push bicycles. From the start of next term students will rack and lock their bicycles away from the edges of the school.


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