Provident Lending and Business Solutions

Trent Carter from Provident Lending and Business Solutions is reaching out to business owners in the St Stephen’s School community who may require financial advice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specialising in cash flow advisory and funding options, Provident Solutions can discuss with business owners about what they are entitled to, how to scale a business back to survive and how business owners can pivot their business offering to look for different sources of income.

Provident Solutions are offering two specific services, and as a St Stephen’s parent, Alumni and member of the Business Directory, Trent is happy for the school community to access these services at a low price. Both sessions are offered remotely.

1. Stress test your cash flow – a 45-minute session where Provident Solutions use simple financial data to demonstrate the impact of decisions before they are made on profit and cash flow. This can be a very powerful tool to set priorities on what and when to cut expenses, especially when looking at staff. Usually $100 + GST, Provident are offering this service for $70 + GST for St Stephen’s School community members.

2. Survival sessions – a three-session advisory where Provident Solutions will:

a. Review the business up to the impact of COVID-19 to set base lines and trends. This includes the Stress Test.

b. Strategic planning – setting goals, plans and actions for the next 90 days to set up for survival and to potentially thrive in a new operating environment.

c. Cash flow budget and funding – ensuring business owners have an eye on the numbers moving forward and understand how to fund the plan.

Survival sessions are $250 each and can be run one-on-one or in groups of up to four people.

Contact Trent Carter from Provident Lending and Business Solutions on 6201 0143 or at for more information.

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