Host families needed! An enriching experience!

St Stephen’s School is hosting a group of Japanese primary school students from 27 March – 3 April (1 week ONLY) and we are looking for families within the school community who are willing to host! Hosting gives your family a wonderful opportunity to make an international friendship and integrate a new family member into your daily routine. You will also receive a payment of $315 for hosting a student.

If you are interested or would like more information please contact Gold Intercultural Learning by email or 08 9444 7687.



Paul Litherland from Surf Online Safe will be attending St Stephen’s School Duncraig to conduct a parent presentation on the subject of cyber safety. Paul is Perth’s most sought after Internet Awareness presenter and as a former WA Police Officer, can offer some great knowledge and experience to help parents better understand the risks of the online world.

Tickets are available via: Trybooking


Thanksgiving at St Stephen’s School is a joyous occasion that unites our entire school community in the act of giving thanks for the multitude of blessings bestowed upon us each year. Our unique service provides our incredible community with a window into the heart and heritage of our School.

Join us ‘To Know God, and Make Him Known’ in a community worship.
In the lead up to the event, we invite all to share things you’re thankful for by posting images on social media with the hashtag #givethanks, #knowgod or #worship for us to showcase on the night.

Reserve your seats here:


The rules of conduct for the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) Year 12 ATAR course examinations will be published in the Year 12 Information Handbook Part II: Examinations 2020, which will be uploaded to the SCSA website in July 2020.

Given the challenge of identifying and determining the use of mobile technologies in the examination room, please note that we have just been notified that a new rule will be implemented from 2020 for the Year 12 ATAR course examinations: no candidate will be permitted to wear or take any watch or wireless-enabled technology device e.g. Fitbit, into the examination room. These items will be considered unauthorised items.

Unauthorised items include:

mobile phone
analogue or smart watch or Fitbit or similar device
mobile device that has wifi and/or bluetooth capabilities
mobile storage device
non-approved calculator
calculator cover
non-transparent pencil case
non-approved notes or any other print material relevant or irrelevant to this examination, (for example, writing on the back of your hand or arm, or blank paper)
headphones, earplugs, earbuds or other unauthorised listening device
wallet, purse or bag
food, lollies or chewing gum
or any other unauthorised item.

The school Year 10-12 Examination Regulations will be updated to include this change, and it will be mentioned to Year 11 and 12 students in Education Plus.

Liz Criddle

Deputy Head of Secondary (Teaching & Learning)


Last  week, we commissioned our new Year 12s and School Captains, we also welcomed back students from the Class of 2019 who achieved an ATAR score over 90 in their WACE Exams. Our alumni were kind enough to offer their peers some words of wisdom as they continue through their high school years.

St Stephen’s School – World’s Greatest Shave 2020

There are many worthwhile causes to support throughout the year and this is one that I would like to draw attention to. In 2014, my then three year old daughter, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Thanks to a privileged medical system and God’s mercy, my daughter is fit and well. She is in her fourth year since treatment finished and her recovery has been very positive.

Throughout that treatment period and even beyond, the support for families dealing with blood cancers has been amazing. Fundraising initiatives like the Greatest Shave helped our family through a difficult time of our lives. We are extremely grateful to all of the selfless people who have generously given to this cause.

To further the cause, I would like to support the World’s Greatest Shave at St Stephen’s School. For those interested in supporting this fundraising effort, these are the details…

1.       Our Greatest Shave Day will be held on Thursday 9 April (last day of term 1)

2.       Participating on the day can be done in the following ways

a.       Register online with parent permission(parents please email me at to express consent), fundraise and then have hair shaved or cut (you must be registered and have sent in parental permission and fundraised to do the shave or cut)

b.       Don’t register online and colour hair at home or wear a wig and then bring a donation on the day

3.       Students/staff/parents can support by giving online or registering as a participant at the link below

I am fully aware that there are many worthwhile causes to support, particularly in light of the fires and droughts. Please do not feel any obligation to give to this fundraising, but of course we welcome it if you are willing and able.

Mr Daniel Parker – Primary PE Specialist at St Stephen’s Duncraig

Hat Rule – Amendment

Please note the following trial amendment to the hat rule, to begin on Monday February 10th

“Secondary students are always encouraged to wear School hats when outdoors. If students choose not to wear a hat, they must be seated in shade. School hats must be worn for any class or school activity which takes place outdoors.”

Bennet Andrews

Deputy Head of Secondary (Care)