World’s Greatest Shave

Hello teachers, staff, and St Stephen’s community,

This month is the World’s Greatest Shave, an event organised by the Leukaemia foundation in order to fund blood cancer research. We’re organising a fundraiser for the Leukaemia foundation and it’d be great to have involvement from teachers.

For the last week of school we’d like to have teachers and students alike with their hair dyed unnatural colours, wearing wigs, or with their hair cut off.

For the teachers, what we’re going to have is a tiered system where as we raise more money, the more teachers dye their hair, wear a wig, or shave their head. This provides an incentive for students to raise money however it also means that if you sign up you may not necessarily be wearing a wig, dying hair, or shaving in the final week of term.

If you are interested in joining in you can you please send an email my way so that we can get you on board before we announce the fundraiser this Tuesday in assembly. If during the fundraiser you decide you want to join in also just email me and we’ll add you in; it’s never too late.

A few other points:

Students will be donating money to dye their hair, shave their head, or wear a wig so the teachers won’t be the only ones in the final week. If students want to partake they’ll need to give the money and the signed parental consent form to their House Deans.  Collected by HOUSE CAPTAINS AND FUNDRAISERS

We’ll be announcing the fundraiser on Tuesday (13 March) and the fundraising will stop on Friday the 6th of April. That Friday those students and teachers who’ve signed up for buzz cut will get it done in the quad during lunch. We’ll be collecting money every Wednesday during homeroom while the fundraiser is running.

Nick Hodgskin

Year 12