Ticket Sales for Drum-for-a-Cause

Tour Students,

Thank you to those students who have already handed me the money you fundraised via your Drum-for-a-cause ticket sales! Please remember to drop your ticket money off to me before the end of term if possible, so I can pay the Akwaaba drummers and organise the sausages/rolls, sauces, etc. before next term starts.

Remember that you can earn $10 from every ticket sold and count it towards your personal fundraising totals. If you are having difficulty selling to family and at your organisations, you can try selling to neighbours, members of your church or friends at school. For those of you who would like more tickets to sell, please eMail Miss Erasmus (Gillian.Erasmus@ststephens.wa.edu.au).

Just for advanced notice, on the night of the drumming event (12th October), we ask that each tour student bring a salad (and possibly salad tongs) to share on the evening. We will talk more about that at our next lunchtime meeting (Wednesday, 20th September).

-Mr. C. Osborne

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