Bunnings Skills Training Day

Tour Parents and Students,

A reminder that you need to be dropped off at Bunnings in Joondalup (Corner of Sundew Rise and Joondalup Drive, Edgewater) at 8:30am on Thursday, the 15th of March. Wear your Tour Shirt and work boots/shoes if possible as you will be moving heavy materials (such as paving blocks, bricks and wood) and using power tools, cutters, and grinders. Your boots are not required for this event, but they are recommended for your own safety and so you can get used to wearing them. You will also be painting and edging, so you may want to wear an old pair of shorts.

A light Morning Tea and sausage sizzle lunch will be provided by Bunnings. However; if you have dietary requirements, you may want to bring your own snacks/lunch on this particular occasion. (Dietary considerations will not be an issue when we are actually on tour).

We should be finished approximately 3:00-3:15pm. As soon as we are finished, you are free to go home with your parent(s).

*Parents– If you will not personally be picking up your son/daughter from Bunnings at the end of the training day and you would like to make alternative arrangements (riding home with another family, being picked up by another family member or family friend, catching a train or bus, etc.), please let me know via eMail before Thursday. Thank you!

-Mr. C. Osborne (eMail: clay.osborne@ststephens.wa.edu.au)



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