Day 4: 8 October 2019

Hi everybody!

We started off today with our morning walk:

Next we did aerobics with the students, we are getting a handle on the routines:

Emma, Asher and Izzy spent the majority of the day working in the physiotherapy room. We began by throwing balls to the students to work on their motor skills, participated in a very relaxing nap time, and ended the session by colouring in.

Jorja, Caitlin & Meetal spent the day in the special needs unit, where we enjoyed singing a variety of English nursery rhymes (with particular enthusiasm during our favourite; “The Apple Song”) , along with a variety of activities to improve coordination and motor skills.

Bree and Sarah went to the Lighthouse Learning Centre to make thank you cards.

Emily worked in level 1 with the younger students. They enjoyed spending time outside on the equipment.

Now STOP… banner time!

Jorja, Caitlin and Sarah were tasked with creating a banner for an upcoming Bethany dance performance. They worked tirelessly for 3 hours before being joined by the rest of the crew.

While they were working on the banner, the remaining girls began painting the mural. We have planned for a Peter Pan themed wall with a sunset and a city sky line. This is the progress we have made so far:

We are currently engaged in a marathon UNO event, spanning hours with a result still pending. Winner TBA, tune in tomorrow for the result.

Lots of love from the Infinitely Superior, Unwavering, All Conquering, Universally Loved And Admired Bethany Gals, WHO TAKE NO PRISONERS.. You Know Who We Are.

-XOXO Emma & Jorja

2 thoughts on “Day 4: 8 October 2019

  1. Ha ha epic send off girls! Enjoying reading these blogs everyday, and today I have an added bonus of a MC Hammer song stuck in my head x Jen

  2. Aww looks like you are all doing such a great job and having a wonderful experience, we’re really proud of all of you xxx

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