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Cadbury Fundraiser Pickup

Hi Team,
There are 4 team members yet to pick up chocolates.
Please pick them up from LP16 ASAP : )
See you soon.
Mrs Ryan

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Sunblock Fundraiser

Morning All,

I have requested a price list for the sunblock fundraiser. Looks to be quite simple, all you need is the price list, order form and cash up front and then we order the quantity we require. Will keep you posted on this one. Easy holiday fundraising activity!


Ms Lund

Cadbury Fundraiser

Good Morning All,
Our Cadbury fundraiser boxes are here.
Please pick up your three boxes from Mrs Ryan at the LP16 kitchen
before Tuesday 1oth December.

A big thank you to our chocolate team for starting the ball rolling.

ps. It’s been very hot so don’t forget to arrange getting the boxes home safely.

See you all soon Mrs Ryan…

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