South Africa Tour Update

Dear South Africa Tour students and parents

Thank you for your patience and support during this busy and difficult time.

  1. We will soon be ready to refund payments for the tour. I understand our Accounts people will be in touch with you in the next few days to discuss tour refund options.
  2. Regarding fund-raising money, as mentioned previously, we hope to consolidate these funds and send them through to our partners in South Africa so they can continue to support and care for the underprivileged and poor in their care. These partners will include JJ Haven orphanage in Alexandria, Sinethemba Homeless Shelter in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town United Sports Academy, Kidos Shelter in Port Elizabeth and Mokone Primary School in Cape Town. Although this is not the same as our students being on the ground in South Africa, we hope they still feel they are making a difference to these organisations as a result of their efforts over many months.
  3. We intend to meet with the student tour group later in the year to share the impact of their fund-raising activities.

Warm Regards

Dr Mark Fielding

Director of Global Programs

South Africa Tour Cancelled due to Coronavirus

Dear students and families of our South Africa Service Tour 2020

What a disappointing week it has been for us all! We are devastated that, as a result of the Minister for Education’s directive on the 3 March 2020, we have been forced to cancel the forthcoming St Stephen’s Global service tour to South Africa. I can’t say how sad we are for our students who over the past ten months have worked tirelessly to prepare for this adventure of a lifetime.

I want to keep you up to date with our plans in response to this cancellation.

I will be endeavouring to recover all the funds spent on flights, transport, accommodation, entries and so on. I will need to contact all our in-country providers and partners to seek refunds on deposits and payments. This could take some time. All funds not recovered will be the subject of a travel insurance claim by the School. Our insurers have been notified.

All recovered funds from refunds and insurance will be returned to the tour families.

I will be in touch via this blog to inform you of our progress.

I thank you for your patience in this regard.

Regarding the fund-raising money raised already, this money will be sent to our main tour support organisations namely Cape Town United Football Club (Langa Township), Sinethemba Orphanage, Kidos Shelter and JJ Haven. If students have any remaining fund-raising money please give it to the tour staff immediately so we can bank it and then distribute it to these needy organisations.

Thank you for your support and warm regards

Dr Mark Fielding

Director of Global Programs

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Announcement

Dear global tour families and students

As you know from media reports there is currently a Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak affecting parts of the world.

We have been following this development very closely through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT –, Department of Health, World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as our medical and travel security agency International SOS (ISOS). We believe any decisions we make concerning our global programs should be based on reasoned medical evidence and advice from these authorities.

While we are very committed to maintaining the opportunities afforded our students through our global service programs, the safety and security of our students and staff is always a priority for us.

The current recommendations from the authorities, given our global service destinations, are that we should make no changes to our travel plans for now and that our global service programs should continue as planned.

As mentioned already, we are following this development every day and if the circumstances change and we need to alter, postpone or cancel any of our tours we will be in touch with our families/students immediately.

If you would like to discuss this further please be in contact with me (


Dr Mark Fielding

Director of Global Programs

Bunnings Training Day – Wednesday 26 February

Hello Everyone,

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 26th for our training day at the Mindarie Bunnings. Please see the following information for the day:

Time: 8.30 – 3

Place: Students to make their own way to Mindarie Bunnings: 22 Lower Keys Drive, Clarkson 

What to wear: Sports uniform, preferably with steel cap boots if you are going to be taking them on tour

What to bring: morning tea will be provided and students are to bring their own lunch and water bottle

Thank you to everyone for embracing the new system of Consent2go. As this excursion requires parent consent, can Parent’s please ensure they have given consent for their child to attend.

Kind Regards,

Ms Everett, Mr Merrifield, Mr Batten

New Flight Itinerary on Emirates

Following our decision to shift our flights to Emirates, please find below, for your information, the new flight itinerary for the forthcoming South Africa Service Tour.



Check in at Perth

05 Apr 20                   Sun            Depart           Perth                                              22:20

06 Apr 20                   Mon          Arrive            Dubai                                             05:20


Check in at Dubai

06 Apr 20                   Mon          Depart           Dubai                                             09:05

06 Apr 20                   Mon          Arrive            Cape Town                                    16:45


Check in at Cape Town

09 Apr 20                   Thu           Depart           Cape Town                                    11:35

09 Apr 20                   Thu           Arrive            Port Elizabeth                              12:45


Check in at Port Elizabeth

18 Apr 20                   Sat             Depart           Port Elizabeth                              08:20

18 Apr 20                   Sat             Arrive            Johannesburg                              10:00


Check in at Johannesburg

18 Apr 20                   Sat             Depart           Johannesburg                              13:40

18 Apr 20                   Sat             Arrive            Dubai                                             23:59


Check in at Dubai

19 Apr 20                   Sun            Depart           Dubai                                             02:45

19 Apr 20                   Sun            Arrive            Perth                                              17:35



Final Tour Payment Due

As shown the the Trip Agreement the final payment for the South Africa Tour is due on Monday 10 February. There has been no change to the total amount even though we are now flying with Emirates. Please pay via the parent portal as per the instructions.

Thank you to all those families who have paid the instalments on time. The final balance is needed now to complete our airline and accommodation commitments.

Many thanks

Dr Mark Fielding

Not long now…

Hello Everyone,

We would all like to say a massive well done to all of the students who have been raising money over the holidays. There are students who have already reached their $750 target (with quite a few going well beyond this), however, do not stop there… every dollar we raise will further the projects we can commit to in South Africa!

The South Africa Tour is only just around the corner so it is important that we get on top of the following points:

  1. Please ensure you return a copy of your passport to either Miss Everett, Mr Merrifield or Mr Batten before the end of Week 1. This is of the upmost importance.
  2. If your son/daughter’s medical information has changed recently, could you please update this via the portal on the school website.
  3. Please transfer any money you raised over the holidays via the link, or alternatively, hand the money directly to Ms Everett, Mr Merrifield or Mr Batten and we can hand into accounts on your behalf. The sooner we are able to finalise the amount we have raised, the longer the lead time we have to plan the projects that we can undertake whilst in South Africa.
  4. Please ensure you have (or have purchased) a duffle bag for packing the donations (boots/shoes/clothes) we are taking over.
  5. We highly recommend wearing steel cap boots while we are working at Kiddos Shelter in Port Elizabeth and JJ Haven. Kmart and Big W stock inexpensive pairs.
  6. The “Boot Drive” begins this term, so please have a look at the list below and keep an ear out for anyone that might be looking to donate to the trip. We will be promoting the details on the school’s social media platforms and newsletter. We welcome any ‘sharing’ of this information to spread awareness of the specific items we are looking to take:
  • Priority items included black school shoes of any size, school bags and pencil cases.
  • Uniforms, particularly grey trousers and white polos.
  • Non-liquid toiletries including toothbrushes, sanitary pads, towels and face cloths (flannels).
  • Children’s clothing – particularly warm items.
  • Sports shoes, soccer boots (boys and girls), soccer kits, soccer balls/netballs/rugby balls (deflated)

Finally, some upcoming events for your calendar:

  • February 26thMindarie Bunnings training day. Students are to make their way to and from the venue, arriving at 8.30am and departing at 3pm. Morning tea will be provided, however, there is limited accommodation for dietary requirements by the venue. Students are asked to bring their own lunch/water bottle. Please wear your sports uniform. This is a great opportunity to wear in your steel cap boots.
  • March 18thWA AIDS Council presentation to students (4-5pm) and final parent’s information evening (5.30-6.30pm) in Cousins Hall, Duncraig campus.
  • March 27thPacking Night. Students will meet at the GPLC at the Duncraig campus for the packing night from 4-8pm. Students will be required to bring a duffle bag each (with their name on it) and $5 for dinner.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Ms Everett, Mr Merrifield & Mr Batten

Immunisation Emails Needed Soon

As mentioned in the Trip Agreement, the School requires an email from parents informing us that your child has been satisfactorily immunised for the South Africa Tour. We advise students should see their family doctor or travel doctor and inform them of the location and nature of the tour so the doctor and family can make informed decisions about immunisation needs. This should occur NOW as some vaccinations take a number of weeks to become effective. We do not need to know the nature of the vaccinations or have medical certificates from doctors. We just need an email from a parent saying something like:


“RE: South Africa Service Tour April 2020.

This email is to inform the School that I am satisfied with _____________ (child) immunisation for the for South Africa Service Tour April 2020″

Name of parent and date


We must have this email by Monday 16 March 2020 at the latest.

Please send your email to:





Duncraig Students

Welcome back everyone!

With only 61 days left until we leave, the excitement and anticipation is hopefully growing!

There is a lot we need to do between now and departure and I would like all Duncraig students to meet Miss Everett and myself in A6 this Thursday 6th Feb at recess. Carramar students please liaise with Mr Batten.

Looking forward to seeing you all then.

Kind regards,

Mr Merrifield

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