Immunisation Emails Needed Soon

As mentioned in the Trip Agreement, the School requires an email from parents informing us that your child has been satisfactorily immunised for the South Africa Tour. We advise students should see their family doctor or travel doctor and inform them of the location and nature of the tour so the doctor and family can make informed decisions about immunisation needs. This should occur NOW as some vaccinations take a number of weeks to become effective. We do not need to know the nature of the vaccinations or have medical certificates from doctors. We just need an email from a parent saying something like:


“RE: South Africa Service Tour April 2020.

This email is to inform the School that I am satisfied with _____________ (child) immunisation for the for South Africa Service Tour April 2020″

Name of parent and date


We must have this email by Monday 16 March 2020 at the latest.

Please send your email to:





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