Section 2- Responding- Deconstructing a Question

Please download the attached image as a model for deconstructing a Section 2- Responding question. Note that I’ve used Question 4 from the 2017 Semester 2 Year 12 ATAR examination. All the questions from this section are contained in the previous blog post.

The deconstruction of this question also uses:

  1. The ‘Glossary of Key Terms used in Questions’- Found on the SCSA website but also attached to the previous blog post.
  2. Appendix Tw0- Contained in the Year 12 ATAR English syllabus which is also attached to the previous blog post.

The question assumes an understanding of these SCSA-related key terms.



Things to note:

  • The SCSA-related information is written in red
  • The chosen text is written in blue
  • The text-specific information is written in green

Also note:

  • The information in the top right-hand corner which refers to defining what is meant by ‘controversial’.
  • The text-specific information which would need to be expanded on: you would need to refer to how the text was constructed (through specific generic conventions, visual conventions etc.) in your response.

This is an effective model for deconstructing a question. The next stage is to use this question deconstruction as a basis for producing a detailed plan.


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