Planning and Writing an Effective Response to Murderball

Please download the screenshots of the whiteboard from this morning’s lesson. Below each screenshot is a sound file which explores the main teaching and learning points from our lesson.

Your assessment on Murderball will take place on the 22nd November. You will be expected to demonstrate a clear and consistent structure to your response, insight into the text (particularly how the text has been constructed to position a specific response) and an attempt made to add sophistication to your written expression.

On Monday, we will be using formative assessment approaches (peer assessment, self assessment, target setting, applying the assessment criteria) to your responses to the sample questions. The aim here is to give you time to apply the frameworks outlined below. Please see your class teacher if anything here is unclear.

Stage One- Deconstructing the Question

Please refer to the previous blog post which explores how the deconstruct a question.


Stage Two- Planning Checklist 


Stage Two- Planning Towards a Proposition


Stage Three- Writing an Effective Introduction and Body Paragraph



Please note that the sound files above make explicit reference to the assessment criteria/marking key below:

Year 12 ATAR English- Carramar Blog

Please note that there is also a Year 12 ATAR English blog which has been created by the teachers up at our Carramar campus.

The blog can be found at:

While their course has been constructed quite differently to the course your enrolled on here at Duncraig, the course concepts and skills are exactly the same. It’s worth subscribing to the Carramar blog which will give you a different perspective on the course.

Section 2- Responding- Deconstructing a Question

Please download the attached image as a model for deconstructing a Section 2- Responding question. Note that I’ve used Question 4 from the 2017 Semester 2 Year 12 ATAR examination. All the questions from this section are contained in the previous blog post.

The deconstruction of this question also uses:

  1. The ‘Glossary of Key Terms used in Questions’- Found on the SCSA website but also attached to the previous blog post.
  2. Appendix Tw0- Contained in the Year 12 ATAR English syllabus which is also attached to the previous blog post.

The question assumes an understanding of these SCSA-related key terms.



Things to note:

  • The SCSA-related information is written in red
  • The chosen text is written in blue
  • The text-specific information is written in green

Also note:

  • The information in the top right-hand corner which refers to defining what is meant by ‘controversial’.
  • The text-specific information which would need to be expanded on: you would need to refer to how the text was constructed (through specific generic conventions, visual conventions etc.) in your response.

This is an effective model for deconstructing a question. The next stage is to use this question deconstruction as a basis for producing a detailed plan.


Section 2- Responding- Sample Questions

Below is a copy of the Section 2- Responding section from the 2017 Year 12 ATAR Semester 2 examination. It is in this section that you will write about  Murderball.

This section is worth 40% of the total marks for your Year 12 ATAR examination and requires you to write a long-form essay response to a text studied in class.


In class, we will explore these questions together, deconstruct them and explore ways in which Murderball could be written about in a clear and effective manner.

We will need to reference the documents below in deconstructing our questions:

Year 12 ATAR Syllabus-2cc5l2s

SCSA Glossary of Key Words Used in the Formulation of Questions-11uc2bt

Murderball Resources


While you are expected to conduct your own independent research into the texts we will cover this year, I’ve included some resources below which you should use to inform your own reading.

Please make sure you download these resources and annotate them accordingly.

Murderball Study Guide-rc7fev

Murderball Review-1odsj35

Murderball Initial Close Analysis-2krd9z4

Murderball Focus Questions and Ideas-27f6zkp

Murderball Feature Article-19ebs1i

Murderball Documentary Study-2kn67eg

Murderball Article-1rt50i9

Murderball and Masculinity-1gcl8kt

Murder Ball Visual Analysis-26pkh0x

Challenging Normalcy – Masculinity and Disability in Murderball-117yhdp

Hegemonic Masculinity


Continue your research into hegemonic masculinity by exploring some of the references in the mind map above.

You will need to use the term ‘hegemonic masculinity’ in your response to Murderball as this is one of the dominant themes in the documentary.

Please make sure you summarise your understanding of this key term in your notes.

Image Analysis- Practice Question and Practice Image

Examine how visual elements encourage a particular response to disability. 
Use your previous response to:
  • Set targets/areas for development for your own individual response.
  • Identify the aspects of your response you feel more confident with.

You will write a response to this image- under controlled conditions- and you’ll have 30 minutes in which to write.

All responses need to be handwritten unless you have an accomodation.

Modelled Annotation- Image Analysis


Above is an annotated version of the image from the 2016 ATAR English examination. The image is contained in the previous blog post.

Please note:

  • How the visual conventions COMBINE to present POWER in a particular way.
  • The main teaching and learning point here is that the generic visual conventions WORK TOGETHER to present a particular idea.

Make sure that you read the response to this image in the previous blog post to explore the structure of an effective written response in the Composing Section.