Composing Section- Assessment Criteria and Modelled Example

Please explore the modelled example below, the audio text which accompanies it, the text itself and the assessment criteria.


The text of the modelled example (above) is as follows:

On reflection, it wasn’t the ‘end of the world’ moment I’d made it out to be. At the time, however, it was genuinely traumatic. The immaculate rows of desks and chairs, bookcases crammed with texts I’d most probably never get to read dominated my immediate landscape… as did my nemesis who was propped patiently against a cupboard waiting for me. It wasn’t meant to be like this. I’d imagined sailing through the choppy waters of my ‘A’ Levels and leaving school in a manner which made my parents proud of me. However, here I was, with my copy of Dr Faustus in my hand, about to be informed I was no longer a student in the school I’d known since I was eleven years old. Being told you’re not good enough hurts at any age and her words were daggers. Chucked on the academic scrapheap at seventeen, I trudged to the local job centre and threw myself at their mercy. And yes, it still hurts. But not as much.

Please note that the text of the my modelled response is written in black, my annotations are in blue and references made to the assessment criteria are written in red.

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