Day 5 – Alex and Heart

Today we had the pleasure of partaking in a tour around Alexander Road High, led by Declan and Kyle; two of the year twelves at Alex. We were shown around their arts department, ICT department, Afrikaans class, DNT class, the library and the cafeteria. Finally, we went out to the rugby field to play a bit of touch and join them in their game preparation methods. We joined hands and formed a circle in which we performed a battle cry that is traditionally completed before every match. The sense of camaraderie and pride that radiated from all the students at Alex was extremely refreshing, and joining in on game prep was relatively emotive.


Following on from our tour, we hopped on the bus back to the cabins and enjoyed some leisure time in which we mingled with the other students. This time for revitalisation was greatly appreciated by everyone as we’ve been moving at a relatively fast pace throughout the trip. We had lunch and then set off on a bus tour of Port Elizabeth where we learned about the Nelson Mandela University, some of the buildings and the townships.

Our bus journey ended at Hearts Football Club where we played five-aside football with some of the boys belonging to the club. We had an abundance of fun with some high-spirited match-play and developed a stronger bond with those in our team. Half-way through the night we enjoyed a traditional braai barbecue and then proceeded to play two more football matches. Ella’s team and my team ended up versing in the final with the score being 5-3 my way. Everyone joined in at the end from a boys vs girls match and although the pitch was crowded, we had a fantastic time.


Today was extremely enjoyable with lots of bond-strengthening and exciting activities, we would do it again in a heartbeat.


By Evie & Ella

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