Day 6 – JBAY!!!

We started off today by watching Alexander Road High School participate in their weekly hockey, rugby and netball games against the other local schools. For many people it was their first time watching a rugby game, a highly competitive and renowned sport in South Africa.

We watched the games for about an hour before we headed off to Jefferey’s Bay, a popular costal town about an hour’s drive away. Here we were allowed to explore the nearby stores, where many people spent a little too much money shopping! We were allowed to choose our own lunch from the local healthy café, where many people had fresh juices and salsa lunches.

After lunch, we took a stroll down to Jeffery Bay beach, a scenic location filled with family lunches and wild children who backflipped off walls. Some people decided to go surfing; hiring boards from the local surf shops. Others decided to take a splash in the water, which was undoubtedly freezing cold. It’s safe to say most people only lasted a matter of minutes. For a lot of people chilling in the sand was the best option, we relaxed by listening to the waves crashing and watching fellow surfers.

Two hours later we headed off back home, but not before taking a short pit-stop to Sardinia Beach. We climbed up to the top of the sand dunes to watch the sunset… which we never actually saw as it was incredibly overcast towards the end of the day. The sand dunes are a popular spot for special occasions, specifically proposals and wedding photos. It was Darcie’s birthday today, so we decided to sing her ‘happy birthday’ on top of one of the sand dunes, the same spot where Mr. Kelly proposed to his wife.

On the way back we enjoyed an enthusiastic sing-along to a various array of music, such classics include Evie Let Your Hair Hang Down, Fat-Bottomed Girls, Party Rockers and Who Let the Dogs Out, beautifully accompanied by the boy’s scarily accurate chihuahua impersonations. We stopped off at a beach restaurant for dinner, where we were served monster-sized burgers and salads. Darcie was given a special birthday brownie and ice-cream, and one final birthday song.

Today was a very fun and relaxing beach day, a perfect lead towards the incredibly busy days ahead of us.

Maya and Sophie

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