Day 7 – Sinethemba :)

Today we started off by driving to Sinethemba Home for Vulnerable Children. We were greeted by many joyful faces full of energy ready for a fun day out. After about twenty minutes at the home, we separated into our own two vehicles to drive to the movies and arcade. To begin we split into two groups- one would watch a movie, the other play games.


The first group consisted of mainly older children from Sinethemba and had two of the year 12’s from Alexander Road High School, whom we met on Friday. The movie the first group watched was Dumbo. It was said to be very cliché but an enjoyable movie suitable for the age group.


Whilst the first group was watching Dumbo the second group, which included the younger children and the rest of the group went to the arcade. To begin with we went bowling. This was lots of fun but extremely chaotic, due to the number of young children running around. Afterwards there were many tired faces which soon enlightened when they were able to play the arcade games.


Afterwards we headed back to Sinethemba for a braai, an African barbeque. It was a new learning experience and we were guided by the students from Alex Road High School, and was a huge success, which tasted delicious. Whilst lunch was being prepared, we used the time to bond with the children. Many played netball, soccer and some were happy playing around in the space available.


Whist we were there many had a tour of the house that the boys lived in. It was very compact and each had small locker in which they kept their few belongings. The sleeping arrangements consisted of bunkbeds. The youngest had a room of four whilst the other two rooms consisted of six beds each. There was very limited space and the closets were in poor condition.


Afterwards, we spent some more time with the kids until it was time to leave. It was quite emotional for some who had formed some great bonds with particular kids. No one wanted to leave and the hugs and kisses from every child made it even harder. After we had pulled out of the drive we had to take a U-turn back past the home. As we drove past the children all ran up to the gate waving and screaming goodbye.


For dinner we had a master-chef challenge. We had half an hour to shop for ingredients in our accommodation groups with a budget then an hour to make the food and plate it up. The boys made a curry, one of the girls groups made nachos with smores and the other group made pizza with brownies. It was an intense competition taken extremely seriously by everyone, but enjoyed thoroughly.


Today was an eye-opening day which provided us with an insight to what these children have to live through every day.

Charlotte and Ellie


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