Day 2, 3 and 4 highlights

Day 2 of our tour (Monday) was spent in and around Broome, after some minor mechanical difficulties necessitated some repairs of one of the vehicles. In the morning we spent time at Ganthean Point looking for dinosaur footprints; we eventually found some, which was amazing. We then ate lunch on the grass overlooking Cable Beach and enjoyed a cooling dip. This was followed by mini golf, then it was back to the caravan park for dinner and bed.

Day 3 (Tuesday) took us ‘off the grid’. We were all up early (well before 6), we packed up our swags, ate breakfast and headed to Derby, where we spent the morning at the Mowanjum Art Centre. This amazing building, which looks from the air like the Wanjina creative spirit, is both an art centre and a museum. As well as learning about the culture of the Aboriginal people from the north west, students created some pieces of art using traditional ochre from the land. After eating lunch at the art centre, we stopped by the Boab Prison tree just outside of Derby then drove on the Gibb River Road to our destination which was a bush campsite at Silent Grove camp. This was quite a long drive so we were very pleased to arrive, disembark and set up camp. We ‘hit the hay’ quite early, so we could get a good night’s sleep and recharge our batteries ready for Day 4.

Day 4 (Wednesday) started with another early morning. The stars are amazing up here, and the noises at night are very different to what we are used to in Perth, particularly the bird life. We had our usual breakfast then packed up and headed off to Bell Gorge. Bell Gorge is a short walk from where we parked the buses, and is a picturesque gorge that is a superb swimming spot. We enjoyed the lovely, refreshing water after coming across a very confident water monitor lizard along the way. Then it was time for lunch before we headed to our next stop, Winjana Gorge campsite. This too was ‘off the grid’ and we arrived and set up our swags. This took over an hour the first time we did this in Broome, but we are getting much more efficient as the tour progresses. While our dinner was being prepared, campers chilled by the fire, chatted with new friends and kicked the footy.  Campers are involved in helping to prepare the meal, and with cleaning up afterwards.

Day 5 (Thursday) involved a sleep in until just before 6 a.m. After breakfast we headed into Winjana Gorge, another majestic gorge that was the home of a number of fresh water crocodiles. We went on a short hike through part of the Gorge and heard the story of Jandamara, also known as Pigeon, the famous Aboriginal man from this region who organised armed insurrections against the colonisation of the north west of Australia by Europeans. Jandamara was from this part of the country and a battle he was involved in was held at the gorge. We then had some morning tea and hit the road to Fitzroy Crossing, where we set up camp and had a most welcome refreshing swim in the pool before having dinner and hitting the hay.

Campers are working very well together, cooperating with each other and helping out where needed. We can’t wait to see what the next few days brings!

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Day 1 Highlights

The 6/7 Kimberley Tour has just ended day 1 and what a day it has been!

We had a smooth flight to Broome this morning before being greeted by Joel and Grace who are our fantastic tour leaders for the week ahead.

We headed out to the picturesque Cable Beach for lunch and relaxed on the grass over looking the water, soaking in the warm weather,  a beautiful 30 degrees. 😎

After lunch our next stop was the Cable Beach caravan park to set up camp for night one. It was great to see everyone helping each other with setting up the swags. 61 minutes and 51 seconds is out time to beat with the set up of camp on day 2.

After working up a sweat, we jumped on the bus and made our way onto the beach where we enjoyed a sunset swim followed by a delicious dinner and dessert cooked by our awesome tour leaders on the beach.

We have had an awesome first day and can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer!

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Just a few more days…

It’s hard to believe that this is what the countdown clock on our blog looks like today! In the last few days, we just wanted to remind you of a few things.

Just in case you missed it on the previous blog, here is our itinerary: 2021 Itinerary Year 6 and Year 7 Kimberley Tour[86]

Our flight (VA1483) departs at 11:10am. Please meet us in Terminal 2 by no later than 9:30am. Mr Lewis will be standing at the Virgin Check In desk and will direct you to where everyone is meeting. He will be wearing his navy tour shirt. We all move to the check-in point as a group and ask that parents say their good-byes from that point.

Masks are mandatory at the Airport. This includes both students and parents. Please bring your own mask. 

Here is a link to some information from the Perth Airport regarding Covid Safe Procedures, however some FAQ are answered below:

Do I need to wear a mask?

It is mandatory to wear a mask at Perth Airport. This includes in the car park, terminal buses, forecourts and terminals.

  • You need to bring your own mask to the airport.
  • On departure, please put on your mask when you exit your vehicle and throughout your journey, unless required for security screening or an applicable exemption.
  • On arrival into Perth, please keep your mask on after you disembark the aircraft until you have returned to your vehicle, or if you are required to quarantine, until you return to your quarantine accommodation. Don’t forget to let your driver know if you are required to quarantine as they will need to wear a mask as well.
  • You can still enjoy a coffee, drink or bite to eat provided you are seated and put your mask back on as soon as you’ve finished.

For more information, visit the WA Government website:


Please ensure that you have checked the packing list What to Bring 2021 SSS[30].

Don’t forget your gardening gloves as we will be doing some rubbish collection as community service, at one point in the tour.

We would like to remind parents to please allow their child to pack their own bags. This helps to ensure that students know that they have everything, and also that they know where it is located in their bag. Do not overpack, as the bus has limited loading capacity. It would be great if you could wear one of your tour shirts as this makes the group easy to identify and to keep track of in the airport. 

All medication needs to be handed in to tour staff two working days prior to the departure of the tour, but at the latest, Friday. It must be in the package, inside of a snap-lock bag with clear instructions labelled on the bag. 

We are going to have a great time and make some amazing memories! Parents, we will blog as often as we can. Whilst on tour, should you need to contact us in an emergency, please contact the school and they will relay a message to us. We will have a satellite phone with us.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the tour leaders, Mr Ted Lewis (, Miss Hannah Uglow (, Mr Matthew Sloan (, or Mrs Kim Luinstra (

See you at the airport!


Three Weeks To Go!

Hello Everyone,

We had an enjoyable morning altogether for our second training day at Carramar yesterday. It was a great opportunity to familiarise ourselves with how to set up some Swags and practise some cooking skills. Please read the attached documents carefully. Outlined in the first document is the final itinerary for the tour and the second document is the packing list. As a request, can all tour members please add a pair of gardening gloves to their packing list. Yesterday we discussed the importance of packing suitable clothing. Please remember the tour is not a fashion parade for your best outfits, but rather clothing that will protect you from the warm conditions during the day and keep you warm at night time. If you have any questions regarding packing, please email a the tour staff members or post a comment on the blog with your query. Lastly, a friendly reminder that you will need to have a face mask with you at the airport.

2021 Itinerary Year 6 and Year 7 Kimberley Tour[86]

What to Bring 2021 SSS[30]

We look forward to seeing you all on the 12th of September.

Tour Group Team Building Session 2

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We hope that you have all had a restful break and that your Term 3 has gotten off to a great start. The purpose of this blog post is to remind students and parents that the next team building session will be on Thursday, 19 August from 9:00am- 12:00pm at Carramar. Duncraig students will leave the Duncraig campus at 8:30am, and return to campus at 12:30pm.

For all students involved, please ensure that your teachers know that you will not be present in class during this time, and that you do not have any other commitments (i.e. music lessons) during this time. Parents, please ensure that you have completed the Consent 2 Go paperwork.

We look forward to getting together with you all again.

Take care,

Mr Sloan, Ms Uglow, Mr Lewis and Mrs Luinstra

Tour Group Team Building Session 1

The team had a great morning getting to know each other at the Duncraig campus today. Our teamwork skills were put to the test with a challenging block building activity, followed by some fire making practice. We enjoyed each others company around the fire and began thinking about some campfire games we might play on the tour. We finished the session with some basic first aid skills, led by the wonderful Duncraig Nurse Erica. We discussed sun safety, snakes, spiders, ticks, allergies/Epipen use, open fire safety and bush safety.

Before our next session, we encourage students to continue practicing their cooking skills, and to think of a range of activities they can do while they are on the bus.

If you require any additional information, please contact any of the tour staff: Mr Matthew Sloan (; Miss Hannah Uglow (; Mr Ted Lewis (; or Mrs Kim Luinstra (

We look forward to seeing you all at our next Team Building Session in Week 4 (Thursday 19 August).

The 2021 Year 6 and 7 Kimberley Tour Staff Team

Tour Group Training Sessions

Hi everyone,

You should have received a Consent 2 Go notification for our two cross-campus training sessions. These sessions are on June 17 (at Duncraig) and August 19 (at Carramar). Both sessions will be from 8:30am- 12:30pm (including time for travel). If students have any regularly scheduled lessons (i.e. music or tutoring), it is up to the parents to let the tutors know of your child’s absence.

As discussed at the information night, the primary purpose of these sessions is to get to know each other and build a sense of team. In addition to this, we will be learning to set up our swags, practicing our cooking skills and fire making skills (if weather permits).

Students are not required to bring any special equipment with them.

If you require any additional information, please contact any of the tour staff: Mr Matthew Sloan (; Mrs Hannah Uglow (; Mr Ted Lewis (; or Mrs Kim Luinstra (


We look forward to seeing you all at these sessions,

The 2021 Year 6 Kimberley Tour Staff Team

Information Night Details

It was great to see you all at the Information Night last night. The Tour is bound to be a memorable time for us all.

As mentioned, here is the presentation from last night’s meeting. Year 6 Kimberley Tour 2021

In addition to this, please ensure that you check your child’s details on Consent2Go.

A reminder that communication regarding this Tour will be done through this blog.

Have a great break everyone, and see you next term!