Term 3, Week 3

Primary Interhouse Athletics Carnival

Date: Friday 20 August (Week 4)

Time: 8.25am – 3.20pm
Students in Year 1 – 6 need to arrive at school no later than 8.25am. 

Location: St Stephen’s School Carramar – Oval

What to Wear: 

  • House Uniform
  • Appropriate sports shoes (no athletics spikes permitted, rubber athletics shoes only)
  • Clearly labelled St Stephen’s School hat
  • Clearly labelled St Stephen’s School jacket and/or tracksuit pants

What to Bring: 

  • Clearly labelled water bottle
  • Students must bring all food and drinks they will need for the day. A meal deal is available from the Canteen.
  • Clearly labelled bag containing all their requirements for the day.
  • If your child has asthma, please ensure they bring their own inhaler.

Timetable of Events:

Please note: Our Kindy and Pre-Primary students will only be involved in morning activities. At approximately 9.30am, the Kindy and Pre-Primary students will participate in team games in their own sectioned off area, located near the cricket nets on the oval.

Family Picnic

We will break for lunch from 12.30pm – 12.50pm. During this time, students will be invited to eat lunch with their families if they have a family member spectating. Students who do not have a family member spectating will need to remain in their House Bay for the lunch break. Parents/guardians will not be permitted in the House Bays designated for students.

400m and 800m Races

We will be running our 400m and 800m events in the week leading up to the carnival. Students in Years 1 – 6 are invited to participate in these events on the dates below:

Week Event Year Group Date Time
4 400m 1 – 3 Monday 16 August Recess time
10.55am – 11.20am
4 400m 4 – 6 Monday 16 August Lunch time
12.40pm – 1.10pm
4 800m 3 – 4 Tuesday 17 August Recess time
10.55am – 11.20am
4 800m 5 – 6 Tuesday 17 August Lunch time
12.40pm – 1.10pm

Students who would like to participate in the optional 400m and 800m events must make their way down to the oval at the times listed above. Parents/guardians are permitted to spectate the events from a distance but must not interfere with the children and races.

Little Athletics is a fantastic way to keep fit and builds the foundation skills of running, jumping and throwing, which are all transferable to other sports. If your child is interested in participating in Little Athletics outside of school, Joondalup Little Athletics Centre is a fantastic local club –  http://www.jlac.org.au The WA Little Athletics season usually runs from October until March.

If your child is going to be absent on Friday 20 August, please contact Hannah Uglow ASAP at hannah.uglow@ststephens.wa.edu.au, as this helps with the planning of our event.

We look forward to seeing our students participate in the 2021 Interhouse Athletics Carnival!

Sports Day Meal Deal


After School Sports Club Availability

This term we are focusing on Ten Pin Bowling and still have several places available.

If you have a child or children in Pre-Primary, Year 1 or Year 2 who would like to join us, please register for After School Sports here https://bookwhen.com/ststephensschool_carramar

Sharon Burnett and Lorna Crabb

Children’s University – August Challenge

Thursday 19 August is World Photography Day! This Month’s challenge is to get creative with your photography skills for a single colour photo. Collect a variety of items that are the same colour and present them as a group in an interesting way. Then, take a phot of the grouped items. You might like to do this for a few different colours. Once you have created your masterpiece, take your photographs to your CU Coordinator or upload them to the CU Portal to earn 30 minutes per photo. a maximum of 2 hours can be earnt for this challenge. The next passport stamping session is this Thursday 12 August in the Library at lunch time.

Book Week is coming soon……


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