Term 4, Week 8

Picnic on The Green


No Kilometre Club Week 8 and 9

A reminder that there will be no Kilometre Club on Wednesday morning in Week 8 and Week 9. We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing our students running again next year.

Miss Uglow

Primary PE Teacher (PP-6)


Icy Poles

Please note that our House Captains will NOT be selling icy poles this Friday. We are pleased to inform our community that close to $400 has been raised and donated to charity through icy poles sales this year. Thank you for your support!


Canteen Christmas Meal Deal


Northway Uniting Church Christmas Appeal


No Limits and The Smith Family Christmas Appeal



Could families please have a look at home for library books that may have been forgotten and return them to the library? We will be very appreciative of these lost books returning to the library so they may be read again.

Library books will have stickers on the spine showing letters, numbers or genre symbols. The book will also have a Carramar Library stamp in one of the first pages.

We would love to have these books back.


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Early Bird Sports Registration



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