Term 3, Week 3

Father’s Day Stall – Volunteers Needed!

Student Drop Off Reminder

A reminder to all parents/guardians that under no circumstances are students to be dropped off or picked up from the turning circle at the end of the staff car park. For the safety of all our students, only staff and delivery vehicles are permitted in the staff car park and turning circle before, during and after school. Please use the car park allocated for parents/guardians along St Stephens Crescent and The Green. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in keeping our community safe.


Primary Interhouse Athletics Carnival

Date: Friday 19 August (Week 4)

Time: 8.25am – 3.20pm
Students in Year 1 – 6 need to arrive at school no later than 8.25am. 

Location: St Stephen’s School Carramar – Oval

What to Wear: 

  • House Uniform
  • Appropriate sports shoes (no athletics spikes permitted, rubber athletics shoes only)
  • Clearly labelled St Stephen’s School hat
  • Clearly labelled St Stephen’s School jacket and/or tracksuit pants

What to Bring: 

  • Clearly labelled water bottle
  • Students must bring all food and drinks they will need for the day. A meal deal will be available from the Canteen.
  • Clearly labelled bag containing all their requirements for the day.
  • If your child has asthma, please ensure they bring their own inhaler.

Timetable of Events:

400m and 800m Races

The Primary Interhouse Athletics Carnival will be taking place on Friday 19 August (Week 4, Term 3). We will be running our 400m and 800m events in the week leading up to the carnival. Students in Years 1 – 6 are invited to participate in these events on the dates below:

Week Event Year Group Date Time
4 400m 1 – 3 Tuesday 16 August Recess time
10.55am – 11.20am
4 400m 4 – 6 Tuesday 16 August Lunch time
12.40pm – 1.10pm
4 800m 3 – 4 Wednesday 17 August Recess time
10.55am – 11.20am
4 800m 5 – 6 Wednesday 17 August Lunch time
12.40pm – 1.10pm

Students who would like to participate in the optional 400m and 800m events must make their way down to the oval at the times listed above. Parents/guardians are permitted to spectate the events from a distance but must not interfere with the children and races.

Little Athletics is a fantastic way to keep fit and builds the foundation skills of running, jumping and throwing, which are all transferable to other sports. If your child is interested in participating in Little Athletics outside of school, Joondalup Little Athletics Centre is a fantastic local club –  http://www.jlac.org.au The WA Little Athletics season usually runs from October until March.

Hannah Uglow
Teacher – Primary Physical Education


Costume Shop

With book week coming up in a few weeks – please consider hiring a costume from the school costume shop.

We have had many new donations, all in good condition.
Only $5 to hire (cash only) and the money this year will go to the end of year event.
We are also looking for volunteers to help run the shop.  Please consider giving up some time to help volunteer so that we are able to have two opening days each week.

Opening days are from Tuesday 2 August
Tuesday and Friday morning – 8.30am to 9.00am

The costume shop entry is located in the Technology building, through the entrance closest to the Primary School basket ball court area (near the playground).





Night on the Green

Dear Parents

It is with great excitement that we invite our school community to the inaugural “Night on The Green” on Saturday 3 December from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. This parent led event is a fantastic opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate the end of our academic year and for our families to spend time together before we break up for the school holidays. Food trucks, silent disco, Christmas Market, animal farm, Santa’s Grotto, music,…. are some of the many activities that will be on offer on the night.

If any parents have a small business and would like to be involved, please contact Bronwyn (bronwyn.doak@yahoo.com) or Karen (hinder@internode.on.net ).

We are also looking for several volunteers to give a couple of hours of their time to help on the day. Karen and Bronwyn would also love to hear from you.

This is a wonderful event and we look forward to celebrating together with our families in December!

The Primary Leadership Team



Term 3 Running Club

The new and improved morning Running Club is off and running! All students in PP to Year 6 are encouraged to join Miss Uglow on the Primary Green every Tuesday morning to run as many laps around the Green as you can! No matter what your ability is, come on down to earn House points, improve your fitness, build your confidence and run your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Each participating student will be given their own Running Club lapathon card to count their laps every week. Students will earn 1 Running Club House Point for every lap they complete around the Primary Green. Overall Running Club House Points will be announced at assembly, with the winning House announced at the end of the term. Running Club lapathon cards must be left with Miss Uglow at the end of each session.

WEEK 3 Running Club House Points: (drum roll please…) 


62 140


This week’s total number of participants was 58! Well done for coming along despite the miserable weather!

We will meet on the Primary Green every Tuesday morning from 8.00am onwards. Come dressed in your sport uniform or normal school uniform and running shoes. You can still participate even if you are not dressed in your sport uniform! Everyone is welcome – you do not need to sign up to participate in this club. Run at your own pace and come and go as you please. Parents/guardians and younger siblings are encouraged to join in too.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact hannah.uglow@ststephens.wa.edu.au

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Hannah Uglow

Teacher – Primary Physical Education

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