Term 4, Week 9

The Night on The Green – A Night to Remember!

We would like to thank our beautiful community for their support at our inaugural Night on The Green last Saturday. The turnout was amazing and everyone had such a great time! A special thank you to our two organisers, Karyn Hinder and Bronwyn Doak, for all their hard work to ensure the night was such a success. Thank you also to all parents who helped and supported in many ways before, during and at the end of the evening. We are truly blessed to be part of such a vibrant, helpful and supportive community.

The Primary Leadership Team


Only 2 sleeps before our Fun Colour Run!

As advertised for several weeks now, we will be holding a final Assembly at approximately 11:45am in the Primary Forum on Wednesday (final day of term) followed by a Fun Colour Run on The Green at approximately 12:15pm! All parents are welcome to attend! Students will be dismissed from school at 1pm. Lots of fun to end our 2022 academic year!

The optimal effect of a Colour Run occurs when participants wear a plain white t-shirt that you will not mind getting stained. Students are welcome to come to school already prepared on Wednesday morning with their white old t-shirt instead of their school t-shirt.

Students may wish to wear goggles for the run. However, please note that our Parent Reps have put together some lovely gift bags including a few yummy treats and a lovely pair of sunglasses for each child in our Primary School! Thank you, Parent Reps!

Finally, we suggest for families to bring a few spare garbage bags to cover their car seats as students will no doubt be a little messy after their run!

Below is some more information to note for this event:

Do all students need to run?

The Colour Run will not be compulsory. However, all students are encouraged to participate and enjoy the celebration.

How is the colour administered?

A running course on The Green will be set up. Designated staff will be stationed along the course to gently dispense colour powder along the way. All colour powder will be aimed between shoulder & hip level.

What is the colour made from? Does it stain?

The coloured powder we are using is made from 99% corn-starch and natural food grade dyes. We’ve been told it doesn’t stain, but you never know… We feel it would be best to wear old sneakers or opt to run with bare feet. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for costs associated with the removal of colour.

Will the Colour ruin clothes or running shoes?

The colour does wash out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it, the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colourful. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for costs associated with the removal of colour.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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